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From fashion accessories short course to embroidery studio owner

© Rowena Luke-King
© Rowena Luke-King

Written by
Yusuf Tamanna
Published date
15 January 2021

“The zeal to learn more about accessory design and embroidery is what drove me to get myself to do a short course with UAL,” Tazeen Khatib tells me.

Based in Mumbai, Tazeen took the Fashion Accessories Design Online Short Course with London College of Fashion. With a degree in Fashion and Apparel Design from BD. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology already under her belt, Tazeen says she is always on the hunt for new ideas and concepts that inspire her.

“For me, creating art is like creating magic in so many ways. The needle is my brush, and the fabric is my canvas. Sewing is my passion and doing hand embroidery is what pushes me to create and come up with new ideas, Tazeen rather poetically puts it.

After working alongside the world-renowned Indian couture fashion designer Monisha Jaising for 5 years, Tazeen said she found herself at a crossroads in her career – one that directed her to doing an online short course.

Tazeen Khatib talks to us about her experience on the short course

“I was contemplating whether to begin working with an accessory fashion house or whether to start my own venture,” Tazeen says. It was only after doing the Fashion Acessories Design Online Short Course, where she was encouraged to work on her own accessory projects, that Tazeen decided she wanted to explore this route further.

“One creation led to another and before I realised it, I had created a complete collection of 25 earrings and jewellery pieces from my own designs and individual ideas.” From this Tazeen was inspired to investigate how she could market and retail her own designs after she finished the course – a topic she is thankful was taught as part of the short course itself.

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Now, Tazeen is the founder and creative head of her own embroidery studio where she says she’s able to bring creative ideas to life through couture embroidery. But she wholeheartedly credits the short course for helping her get back on track when she found herself at a junction in her career.

“I am extremely happy having done this course and the opportunities and paths that have opened up for me ever since I completed the course!”

Speaking directly to her experience on the course, Tazeen adds: “I enjoyed the interaction and the personal connection with the tutor as well as the other students. It was a unique social interaction with people of similar views and ideas amidst the lockdown. What I also found really invaluable is the patience and time given to each student to express their thoughts and views on their work as well as each other’s work.”

Despite having her hands full with running her own studio, Tazeen says she’s now thinking of other short courses she could undertake.

“I am keen enthusiast on constantly learning and looking for further short courses that I can complete. I do hope I can pursue more courses with UAL and develop more knowledge because I think they provide a great opportunity to students. The learning possibilities are immense and extremely accessible.

“I think it's important to get the absolute most out of every program or educational course you do. I would recommend doing one or more short courses from the UAL as there are various options that can help you fill any gaps in your knowledge of a certain topic.  For someone who is looking to find their niche or passion or even someone who has already found their calling, they can find several courses that meet their needs.”


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