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Student timetables

Students walking in front of Camberwell College of Arts
Students at Camberwell College of Arts

2019/20 Timetables

As part of the University’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) teaching will be delivered online for the remainder of the summer term.

If you wish to view your teaching timetable, you can now access this on Moodle.

Please check your module pages for further instructions from your tutors and check your emails regularly.

Find out where you need to be and when so you can enjoy your courses and the best of student life.

Here you can:

  • Access your timetable for lectures, seminars and more throughout your course
  • See when rooms are free
  • Get tips on how to use timetable or calendar tools
  • Discover some useful services to stay up to date.
Student walking along a rainbow corridor
Rainbow corridor, Camberwell College of Arts.

Online timetable

Check your up-to-date timetable. We've got a new and improved design, better features and more.

Student walking along a corridor with animated posters on the wall
Animation posters, Central Saint Martins

Your timetables

View your timetable using: Online Calendar, PDF Timetables or iCal and check out other tools to keep you up to date.

Students in a cafe, chatting
Networking at the cafe / canteen, Central Saint Martins.

Help and support

Get advice on how to use timetables, including: logging in, checking locations, using different devices and more.

Two students leaving walking away from a table
London College of Communication, campus at Elephant and Castle

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