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Study Abroad Credits and Assessment

'Normal World', Gabriella Engdahl, 2021 BA Performance: Design and Practice, Central Saint Martins, UAL, Gabriella Engdahl, Normal World

Study abroad at the top 2 university for art and design in the world, based at the heart of one of the world's creative capitals, London.

Programme Type

There are 4 programme types at UAL Study Abroad:

  1. Integrated – you can join any Undergraduate degree programmes for Autumn or Spring or full year.
  2. London College of Fashion (LCF) Semester Programme – 14 week semester Autumn or Spring specifically for Study Abroad students.
  3. Summer Study Abroad – 3 or 8 week courses in Summer.
  4. Creative Industries London – Optional Study Abroad module to add to the Integrated Study Abroad programme for additional credits, or to take separately as a stand-alone module.

Credit Transfer Converter 

The following provides the equivalent course weighting recommended for each Study Abroad programme offered by UAL. These are shown as a guide only, and the suggested value is based on the number of learning hours (contact and non-contact). Credits are awarded by your home institution. You should check with the academic advisor before applying.

Only Integrated Study Abroad on UAL degree courses has an equivalent UAL credit rating.

Programme type and credits awarded

  • Integrated Study Abroad
    • Autumn semester (October to December) 11 weeks:
      • 40 UAL Credits
      • 20 ECTS Credits
      • 10-12 US Credits
    • Spring semester (February to June) 15 weeks:
      • 60 UAL Credits
      • 30 ECTS Credits
      • 15 US Credits
    • Full year (October to June) 30 weeks:
      • 120 UAL Credits
      • 60 ECTS Credits
      • 30 US Credits
  • Integrated plus Creative Industries London module
    • Autumn semester (September to December) 14 weeks:
      • 40 UAL Credits
      • 26 ECTS Credits
      • 13-15 US Credits
    • Spring semester (January to June) 18 weeks:
      • 60 UAL Credits
      • 36 ECTS Credits
      • 18 US Credits
  • LCF Semester Study Abroad
    • Autumn or Spring semester 14 weeks:
      • 30 ECTS Credits
      • 12-16 US Credits
    • Full year 28 weeks:
      • 60 ECTS Credits
      • 24-32 US Credits
  • Summer Study Abroad
    • Summer Study Abroad (July and August) 3 weeks:
      • 8 ECTS Credits
      • 4 US Credits
    • LCF Summer Study Abroad (June and July) 8 weeks:
      • 24 ECTS Credits
      • 12 US Credits
  • Optional Study Abroad module

Credit, Grading and Assessment 

You should ensure your home institution will award external credit before you submit your application. Course handbooks are available on request.

Integrated Autumn only students are assessed based on the portion of units completed, before the winter break at the end of December.

Please contact for further information.

Find a course

  • Work by Ishwari Satej Ambavane | MA fine art: drawing

    Integrated Study Abroad

    Study alongside local degree-seeking students for 1, 2, or 3 terms and fully integrate into UK student life.

  • Work by Claudia Gusella | BA Fashion Design Womenswear

    LCF Semester Study Abroad

    Bespoke 14 week LCF semester programmes designed especially for incoming study abroad students.

  • Textile Design by Emma Rubin, Summer 2019. Image credit: Adam Razvi

    Summer Study Abroad

    Study for up to 8 weeks on one of our summer programmes with the option to take English language tuition before your course.

  • Optional study abroad modules page.
    Image credit: Ana Escobar

    Optional Study Abroad Module

    Add on the Creative Industries London 3 week optional module. Fits with J-Term and Maymester.