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Insights: shape your portfolio

a womxn poses on a stool for a fashion look
a womxn poses on a stool for a fashion look
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Enhance your creativity with our programmes and resources

UAL Insights is the University’s outreach programme offering young people access to our Colleges for creative activities and pre-university advice.

Build your skills and knowledge with our resources, made by our community of UAL tutors and students.

Develop your work

  • A finger hovers over a screen
    Still from from video produced by Dalia Dawood. 2019.
    How to

    Learn practical skills to build a portfolio. Design, podcasts, curation and more - dive into tips and advice put together by UAL's students and tutors.

  • 4 girls of different background hanging out in a photography studio
    Group shot of Rafin Jannat with models from the Jarafin shoot. 2019. BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear. London College of Fashion. UAL. Photograph: Calvin Chinthaka.
    Into uni

    Myth-busting articles on subject areas. UAL Insights students talk about their work and life. Find out what it's like to study a creative subject in a leading university.

  • Crab monster design on a yellow background
    Crab Samurai illustration. Omar Hernandez del Canto. 2020.

    Get new ideas and knowledge to shape your next project. Browse work by leading designers, discover artists and thinkers.

  • Magazine pages with images
    Sam Walsh. BA Graphic Branding and Identity, London College of Communication. UAL. Photograph: Sam Walsh.
    Insights archives

    Browse all our posts. Practical tips for making, ideas, artists and student stories - it's all here.

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