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Course Transfer

It can take a little while to settle into any new course and start to enjoy it. Speak to your Course Tutor in the first instance.
You can also speak to:
  • Your course administrator
  • Counselling and health service: you can talk through your decision and any factors affecting how you are feeling.

    Call: +44 (0)20 7514 6251.
    Request an appointment online.
  • Student advisers: get information and advice about funding or immigration

    Call: +44 (0)20 7514 6250.
    Get in touch online.

Make sure you fully understand how changing your course may affect your student loan or visa.

How to transfer

Note - course transfer is not guaranteed. It will depend on:
  • you meeting all the admission requirements (including English Language level where applicable)
  • space availability on the new course.

When you can transfer

Application to transfer must be made by the end of Term 1.
You can transfer at the end of the ‘Introduction to Study in HE unit’.
In-year transfers will not be considered after this point.

Transferring after the first year

You can request to transfer at the end of the first academic year. This request must be made before the end of the summer term.
Transfers will not be accepted into the final year of an undergraduate course.
You must successfully complete your current year of study or your request for transfer will be rejected. If you are a Postgraduate student, you should contact your course team for advice as transfers between courses are more unusual.

Do I still have to attend my current classes

Yes. You must continue to attend your current course as there is no guarantee your course transfer request will be approved.

You must successfully complete all your current course units or your request to transfer will be rejected.

When you will know results

The process takes 3 to 5 weeks.

If there is space on the new course and you have met all the entry requirements - you will be contacted by the new course administrator via email.


Your new course team will arrange an interview/portfolio review.

Make sure you are prepared for your interview and have done enough research on the new course.

Please arrive on time for the appointment as it may not be possible to reschedule.

International students

If you are an International student holding a Tier 4 visa there will be visa implications if you transfer course. You must:

  • Seek advice from a student adviser:
    Call: 020 7514 6250
    Get in touch online.
  • Speak to your college Immigration Compliance Administrator (ICA). They can confirm your eligibility especially if a possible transfer may result in a potential further year of study.
  • If you need more time to complete your studies than you have remaining on your current visa, you will not be allowed to renew your visa in the UK. If the transfer is agreed you, will need to return home to renew your visa.

If your request is successful

You will be contacted by the new course administrator via your UAL email.
Read all the information for your new course including materials and timetabling, and make any arrangements.

If your request is rejected

If it is not possible for you to get a place on your ideal course, discuss your options with:

You should continue to attend your current course in the meantime.