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University Secretary and Registrar's office

The University Secretary and Registrar is equivalent to a company secretary in a private sector organisation. The office is responsible for the governance of the University, ensuring that the decisions of the University, and its subsidiaries and associated bodies, are properly made.


The Governance team supports the Secretary and Registrar in delivering efficient governance and committee management processes that relate to the University's governing body, the Court of Governors.

The Governance team is the lead provider of the following services:

  • Advice on the University's governing documents and charitable status, governing body structure and related standing orders
  • Advice on the roles and responsibilities of the governors, the Court of Governors and its committees
  • Servicing the Court of Governors' meetings, its committee meetings, and other bodies where appropriate
  • Production of handbooks and guidance for governors, and committee guides for governor meetings
  • Production of certain corporate governance policy documents