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Find out how to print, scan and copy at UAL

Help with printing

Print credit

Purchase credit

Use PaperCut to top-up print credit and check your balance, print history and environmental impact.

You can top up with either £2, £5, £10, £20, £50 or £100. Only pay for what you need.

Print costs

A4 colour: 7p per page
A3 colour: 12p per page

A4 black and white: 2p per page
A3 black and white: 4p per page

Standard white paper is used on our HP printers.
Find specialist print facilities.

Print credit refunds

Refunds due to technical issues

Please speak to library staff or contact the IT Service Desk if your credit is not showing or you have been charged in error due to a printer fault.

Unused credit refunds when leaving UAL

Refunds cannot be issued for any unused credit on your account after leaving. Only purchase the amount needed for your work.

Print Policy

UAL Printing Policy (PDF 126KB)

How to print

Print from UAL computers

  1. Select File > Print
  2. Select Printer
  3. Choose either Arts Mono for basic or Arts Colour for quality images
  4. Select Print
  5. Log in to the printer with ID card
  6. Follow the on-screen steps
  7. Log out once finished

Forgotten your ID Card?

Select Login with networking ID from the printer's homescreen and use the keypad to enter your UAL network username and password.

Print from personal devices (Mobility Print)

  • Print from your personal device e.g. smart phone or laptop
  • Installs full printing driver options on your device
  • Both iOS (9.2+) and Android (4.4+) devices are supported
  • Use the Mobility Print Guide (Word 3.6MB)

Printing FAQs

How do I cancel a print job?

  1. Log in to Papercut
  2. Go to Jobs Pending Release
  3. Select Cancel on the document

If the print job does not disappear from the queue, select Refresh Now.

Help guides

Change an image's DPI with Adobe Photoshop (PDF 1.13MB)

Correct an over-saturated image with Adobe Photoshop (PDF 925KB)

Print multiple images on one page for Mac OS (PDF 0.97MB)

Find specialist print facilities

Our HP printers are designed for standard white paper only. For other mediums, visit your College's dedicated facilities:

Need to book something? Visit Online Resource Booking.

Binding and laminating

Bind or laminate your work at the LCF Open Space or the LCC Digital Reprographics Area.

The LCF Open Space also offers:

  • Bulk copying
  • Paper trimmers and cutting mats
  • Tracing paper, acetates, CDs and other stationary

Need IT support?

Contact the UAL IT Service Desk