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Quiet spaces

Staff, students and visitors can access Quiet Spaces at each UAL site.

UAL has the following types of Quiet Spaces:

  • Multi-faith Rooms – designed to be used for prayer, personal reflection, or meditation
  • Wellbeing Rooms – designed to be used for rest, nursing or expressing milk, or for other health-, wellbeing or disability-related reasons
  • Multi-faith and Wellbeing Rooms – multi-purpose rooms that are designed to be used for prayer, personal reflection or health and wellbeing related reasons.

Some UAL sites have separate Multi-faith Rooms and Wellbeing Rooms, while others have 1 Multi-faith and Wellbeing Room.

Accessing our Quiet Spaces

Anyone can access a Quiet Space. There is no booking system. All rooms are fully accessible.

Most Quiet Spaces are designed for individual use. The Multi-Faith Rooms at LCF East Bank and LCC can be used by more than 1 person at a time.

Please be mindful of others who may need to use our Quiet Spaces:

  • Keep your visit as brief as possible
  • Leave the room clean and tidy
  • Do not use Quiet Spaces for group discussions or meetings – instead, refer to your local room booking system to arrange an appropriate space.

How to use our Quiet Spaces

We have developed user guidelines with input from students and staff across UAL to ensure everyone feel safe using our Quiet Spaces.

Please read through our user guides to help us keep our Quiet Spaces clean, safe and accessible to all.

Where to find our Quiet Spaces


  • Camberwell Peckham Road: Multi-faith and Wellbeing room (A1020)
  • Camberwell Wilson Road: Multi-faith and Wellbeing room (G23)


Multi-faith and Wellbeing room (CLG23)


Multi-faith and Wellbeing room (BG14)


  • Kings Cross: Multi-faith room (first-floor middle bridge, between block E and J, Core Entrance 171) and Wellbeing Room (K project space pod)
  • Elthorne Road: Multi-faith and Wellbeing room (front of cafetorium)


  • Multi-faith room (TG12)
  • Wellbeing room (T119)


  • Multi-faith room (1013)
  • Wellbeing room (1014)

Lime Grove

  • Wellbeing room (A001)
  • Multi-faith room (A002)

CCI/Graduate School at High Holborn

  • Wellbeing room (125)
  • Multi faith room (LG09)

Find out where to find baby changing facilities for each site (Word 28KB).

How to report issues about our Quiet Spaces

To report maintenance issues in any of the UAL Quiet Spaces, email

For general feedback regarding Quiet Spaces, please email our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team at

The Student Union work with students from diverse faith backgrounds and support student faith societies. Contact your SU Culture and Diversity Officer at

The UAL Chaplains offer pastoral and spiritual care to students and staff and organise events and activities in relation to faith, spirituality and the arts. Contact William Whitcombe (LCC and LCF) or Mark Dean (CCW and CSM)