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Quiet spaces

Each University site has a space for students, staff and visitors to undertake prayer or personal reflection or to use for health requirements or rest.

Some sites have 2 separate spaces (one for prayer or personal reflection and another for rest or health requirements), smaller sites have multipurpose spaces.

Quiet Spaces can be used for the following purposes:

  • Prayer or personal reflection.
  • Rest (e.g. recovery from a seizure or rest during pregnancy).
  • Breastfeeding or expressing milk.
  • Taking medication.
  • Other health reasons.

Quiet Spaces User Guide (PDF 73KB)

Quiet Space locations

Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon

Multi-purpose Quiet Spaces are located across each of the 4 sites.

  • Camberwell Peckham Road – Room A102, first floor
  • Camberwell Wilson Road – Room G23
  • Chelsea - - CLG23 (Door Code: C2684X)
  • Wimbledon - Ground Floor, Room 14A opposite Room 25.

Contact:  Saffron Hutt,

Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins has 2 separate Quiet Spaces at Kings Cross and a multi-purpose space at the Main Building at Elthorne Road.

  • Kings Cross ‘Quiet Capsule’ for prayer or personal reflection. Located on the first-floor middle bridge, between block E and J (Core Entrance 171).
  • Main Building, Elthorne Road Quiet Space – located at the front of the Cafetorium.

London College of Communication

London College of Communication has a multi-faith Quiet Space and a Quiet Space for rest, maternity and health.

  • LCC Rest, Maternity and Health – Room W102.
  • LCC Multi-faith Quiet Space – Room TG12.

London College of Fashion

London College of Fashion has multi-purpose Quiet Spaces located across 5 sites.

  • Lime Grove – Room B016, located on the ground floor of B Block.
  • Mare Street – Ground Floor, access via Café Bar (A001A).
  • Curtain Road – Room G03a
  • Golden Lane – Main Building, Room 209.
  • High Holborn - Student Services Reception, 1st Floor Room 125 and Lower Ground Floor, near the open access (LG09).
  • John Princes Street - First Floor, through the Student Hub (1021).

High Holborn

High Holborn has 2 Quiet Spaces:

  • Quiet Space for Rest, Maternity and Health - located on the first floor, behind the Student Helpdesk (Room 125).
  • Quiet Space for Prayer, Meditation and Personal Reflection - located on the lower ground floor, through the double doors in the far-right corner of the Open Access Zone. It has a sink which can be used for washing before undertaking prayer.  Room LG09

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