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Groups & Networks

There are numerous research hubs and groups across the University and 6 Colleges. They provide support and creative collaboration to UAL researchers and the wider research community.


About Face

Bringing together artists, theorists, curators and writers to explore contemporary portraiture.

Safety last

Art & Philosophy Research Group

Fostering collaborations among doctoral students through conferences, symposia and talks on the subject of philosophy, politics and the arts.


Art/Design and Science Research Group

Research practice to explore the creative interface of art/design and science and the processes and systems of knowledge that underpin them.

climbing wall

Art: Public Realm and Archive

Engaging with artistic practices and knowledge production within the public realm and the archive.

Smiling lady

Better Living Research Hub

Facilitating a deeper understanding of human behaviour and its potential improvement in the fashion and creative industries.


Budapest Collaboration

A collaboration with the Hungarian University of Fine Arts to explore the purpose and nature of artistic research.

Centre for Drawing

Centre For Drawing: A Network

Developing a better understanding of drawing as a cross disciplinary subject.

Georgina Goodman photographed by Kevin Davies

Centre for Fashion Business and Innovation Research

Delivering insight into the fashion industry’s economic, social and cultural trajectory.

Conscientious Communicators Research Hub

Conscientious Communicators Research Hub

Discussion and exploration around environmental and social creativity with informed and inspirational educators, students and practitioners.

Creative Industries Management Research Hub

Creative Industries Management Research Hub

Researching creativity, management and organisational behaviour in the creative industries.

Critical Practice

A cluster of individual artists, researchers and academics support critical practice within art, the field of culture and organisation.

Cultural & Historical Studies Hub Sina Sparrow Illustration

Cultural & Historical Studies Hub

A space for the discussion of current research into fashion and popular culture within the broader subject area of Cultural Studies.

Design Activism

Design Activism Research Hub (DARH)

Enquiring into the visual and material practices and artefacts of social movements and other formations of resistance and agitation.


Design for Performance Hub

A space for presentation, reflection and dissemination of research around costume, scenography and performance.



Design for Social Innovation towards Sustainability: a network of design labs promoting and supporting sustainable change.


Duration and Events

Questioning the materiality of time and duration across a range of fine art practices, theoretical, philosophical and discursive concerns.


Exhibitions: Histories, Practices

Examining the validity and effects of exhibitions and curating practices inside and outside the museum and the gallery space.

Window on 44th St, study for metaphotography, New York (2014) Paul Bevan

Fashion Media and Imagery

A platform to discuss fashion media and its imagery in a disciplinary context through dialogues, projects and events.

Alexander McQueen, Dante collection, A/W 1996

Fashion: History, Theory, Curation and Film

Exploring fashion through gender, everyday life, gothic studies, literature, performance, queer theory, representation, sexuality and social class.


Gender & Sexuality Forum

A cross-disciplinary arena to research and share ideas on gender and sexuality.

‘Scoliosis’ by Annelie Gross, MA Fashion Artefact, London College of Fashion, UAL Photograph by Jon Emmony for SHOWstudio.

Global Disability Innovation Hub

Making a positive difference to the lives of disabled people.

Logo of Graphic Subcultures research group

Graphic Subcultures

Investigating graphic communication used by subcultural groups to promote their stylistic, philosophical and ideological positions.

Identity, In, and Through, the Built Environment

Exploring the environment as a living network of communications and interactions between people, buildings, spaces, objects and stories.

Image of a map


Understanding the experience of the menopause to challenge stereotypes and assumptions about what it is to be an older woman.


MIRAJ/Artists’ Moving Image Network

The first international peer-reviewed scholarly publication devoted to artists’ film and video work.

Image of a video art installation by Hannah Rickards

Moving Image: Practice, Criticism, Discourse

A focal point for the diverse activity in film and video currently pursued by the artists, curators and writers teaching across the Art Programme.


Paint Club

Explore and debating what it means to research painting within the context of contemporary art practice.

Image showing details of the performance 'Spontaneous Document'

Performance Research Network

Rethinking performance as a culturally conditioned mode of staging the construction of the real.


Photography & the Contemporary Imaginary

Exploring and promoting photography as a mode of imaginary thought and its relation to a collective imaginary.

Logo of Photography and the Contemporary Imaginary

Photography As Contemporary Imaginary

A series of events organised by the Photography & Contemporary Imaginary Research Hub at London College of Communication.

Image of Flax Shoes designed by Liz Ciokjalo

Research Student Hub

A forum for both practice-based and theory-based research postgraduate students with an interest in fashion.

A still from Available Light by William Raban

Screen Research Forum

An arena for critical debate and enquiry into screen-based arts practice (film and television).

A student doing a live art performance


A platform for researchers and artists to present work exploring issues of place, space and site across diverse media and approaches.



Study Group on Latin American Art and Theory discussing the significance of art from Latin America to art theory in general.

Image of a book display

Socially Responsive Design and Innovation

Locating the principles, processes and methods that enable designers to deliver socially responsive practice.

Space & Place

Exploring placemaking processes and interrogating spatial discourse.


Subjectivity & Feminisms

Exploring questions and issues of identity as they are mediated between artist/writer, artwork and viewer.


Tate Collaboration

A strong and diversified relationship between CCW Graduate School and Tate Research.

Textiles Environment Design

Developing the role designers can play in reducing impact on the environment and providing tools for design-centred solutions.

Logo of the event series 'Theatre of Photography'

The Theatre of Photography

On performativity, the photographic, the theatric, the apparatus, re-enactment, staging, liveness and the event of an image.


Tokyo WonderSite

Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon artist residency exchanges in collaboration with Tokyo WonderSite.

Transnational Fashion Hub

Researching the interplay between the forces of global and local characterising fashion production and consumption.

Typographic Research Unit

Enquiring physical and virtual spaces where visible language is originated, mediated or experienced.

Visual Arts at LCF

Generating connections between researchers engaged with the fields of fashion design, costume, curation and the visual arts.

Logo of the Writing Photographs research group

Writing Photographs

A series of research talks about the relationship of photography and writing.