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Chloe D'Arcy in the Studio by Alys Tomlinson

Tuition fees are what students pay to the University to cover the cost of studying. Tuition fees vary, depending on the level of the course and your fee status.

  • Two crystals and abstract metal items
    Jewellery by Ayano Kamakiri, Case study
    Further education tuition fees

    Understand tuition fees for Foundation courses.

  • Rodrigo Chaveiro in the Studio, image by Alys Tomlinson
    Undergraduate tuition fees  

    Understand tuition fees for BA, BSc and Integrated Masters.

  • Teshome Samuel by Alys Tomlinson
    Postgraduate tuition fees

    Understand tuition fees for MA, Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate.

  • Mixed materials installation by Muyan Gao
    PhD and MPhil tuition fees

    Understand tuition fees for postgraduate research programmes including Phd and MPhil.

Get advice

Contact the Student Advice Service for help with complex fee status queries.

Find out more about fee status via the UK Council for International Affairs (UKCISA).

Read the Student Fees Policy.