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Tuition fees

Tuition fees are paid to the University to cover the cost of your study. Tuition fees vary, depending on the level of the course and your fee status:

  • Further Education, including Foundation Diploma in Art and Design
  • Undergraduate, including BA, BSc, Foundation Degree and Integrated Masters
  • Postgraduate, including Masters, Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate.

Fee status

For each course, there is a Home/EU tuition fee and an International tuition fee. The tuition fee you pay depends on whether the outcome of your fee assessment is Home/EU fee status or International fee status.

Assessing your fee status

The University follows UK government regulations when assessing your fee status. These set out specific categories of people who qualify for Home/EU fee status which are summarised on the UK Council for International Affairs (UKCISA) website.

Different criteria will apply depending on whether you are studying a Higher Education (HE) or Further Education (FE) course. Higher Education includes both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, whereas Further Education includes courses such as the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.

When you apply for your course, the University's admissions staff will use information that you provide about yourself and your family to determine your fee status. You may be asked to complete a Fee Status Assessment Form (PDF 507KB) and provide additional information or supporting evidence such as passports, official letters, and immigration documents.

Re-assessing your fee status

If you are a current UAL student with International fee status, but believe that you now fulfil the criteria for Home/EU fee status, please complete a Fee Status Assessment Form (PDF 507KB) and send this with relevant supporting evidence to our UK/EU Admissions department (email:

Seeking advice on fee status

The Student Advice Service can provide advice to those with complex fee status queries, or those who require assistance in completing their Fee Status Assessment Form and providing the necessary supporting evidence.

Loans to pay for tuition fees

Home/EU fee status students may be able to apply for a UK government loan to pay their fees. See the Further Education FundingUndergraduate Funding and Postgraduate Funding pages for more information.

International fee status students cannot access UK government loans but may be eligible to apply for a scholarship to pay their tuition fees. Information about loans for Canadian and US students can be found on the International Student Loan page.