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How to pay your tuition fees

How to pay your UAL tuition fees: A step-by-step guide

Information about paying your tuition fees directly or through a sponsor, refunds and our payment terms.

Tuition fees and enrolment

We will ask you to pay your tuition fee amount owed (or provide confirmation of your funding arrangements) during the online registration step of enrolment.

It is important you pay your tuition fee amount owed (or provided confirmation of your funding arrangements) as soon as you can because your enrolment cannot be completed until you do.

If you complete your online registration fully and correctly before submission – including having made your tuition fee payment (or having confirmed your funding arrangements) – your enrolment will be completed within 14 workings days.

Funding your studies by SLC loan

Read our dedicated Funding your studies by SLC loan page.

Making a payment

We will ask you to make all tuition fee payments via your UAL Portal using our payment processing partner called Flywire.

We cannot accept cash payments, banker’s drafts or cheques in a foreign currency (including travellers' cheques).

UAL officially partnered with Flywire in 2016, and since then together we have securely processed over 20,000 student payments, from over 120 countries and territories, in more than 70 currencies. You too can put your trust in Flywire as we have.

By making your payment using Flywire you can:

  • pay by credit or debit card, bank transfer or by e-wallet.
  • pay from any country or bank.
  • pay in your currency or in pound sterling (GBP £).
  • avoid bank fees and extra charges.
  • be guaranteed the best exchange rate when making a bank transfer using Flywire. If you find a better rate within two hours, Flywire will match it.
  • track your payment in real-time online and receive email and text alerts each step of the way, including a confirmation your payment has been securely delivered to UAL.
  • see your payment in your UAL Portal shortly after Flywire have received it – you don’t have to wait for the payment to reach UAL.
  • get 24/7 multilingual support with any questions you have about making your payment from Flywire’s expert team. You can give them a call, send an email or use live chat online.

Payment during online registration for enrolment  

Whether you’re enrolling with us for the first time, or returning to your studies, the first step is to complete online registration using your UAL Portal. During your online registration you’ll be asked to pay your tuition fee amount owed.

To pay:

  1. Log in to your UAL Portal. We strongly recommend using Chrome as your web browser and changing your settings to allow pop-ups.
  2. Head to the ‘my Online registration’ section.
  3. Go to ‘Fee details’.
  4. Choose the ‘Make a payment’ button. You’ll then be taken to a payment processor called Flywire.
  5. Make your payment using Flywire.

Payment after enrolment

Once you’re an enrolled student, you can make tuition fee payments in the ‘my Finance’ section of your UAL Portal using our payment processing partner called Flywire.

Payment after you have finished your studies

If you have tuition fee payments to make after you’ve finished your studies, and you left us more than three months ago, go to the Flywire Open Payment Gateway at to begin the payment process.

Before getting started we recommend you watch a short video from Flywire which will guide you through how to make a payment using their Open Payment Gateway.

Got questions about how to make a payment?

If you have any questions about how to make a payment via your UAL Portal using our payment processing partner Flywire, you can contact their expert team who will guide you through what you need to do. You can reach the Flywire team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to access multilingual support. You can give them a call, send an email or use live chat online. Visit Flywire help.

If you would like to discuss other ways to pay your tuition fees without using Flywire, contact the Student Fees team at your College. You’ll find their email address in the ‘Payment enquiries’ section on this page. Remember we cannot accept cash payments, banker’s drafts or cheques in a foreign currency (including travellers' cheques).

Getting a proforma invoice

If you need to provide your regulator with a pro-forma invoice showing the full tuition fee you owe and UAL’s bank details in order to access funds to make your tuition fee payment, you should:

  1. Log in to your UAL Portal.
  2. Head to the ‘my Funding and Finance’ section.
  3. Go ‘my Finance’.
  4. Choose the ‘Request a pro-forma invoice’ option.
  5. When the pro-forma invoice is displayed, select the ‘Show PDF’ button to download a PDF pro-forma invoice’.
  6. Save the PDF pro-forma invoice on your device.

If in the country you are making your payment from you are required to provide proof of your tuition fees by pro-forma invoice (or another form of proof such as your study offer email), the best way to make your payment is via your UAL Portal using our payment processing partner called Flywire. When using Flywire you will be given the option to upload the documentation you need to provide.

Watch our short video: How to view receipts and invoices in your UAL Portal: A step-by-step guide

Paying in instalments

For all postgraduate courses (including graduate diplomas) that last longer than 30 weeks you can choose to pay your tuition fees in instalments. For more information visit our Pay fees by instalment page.


Please note: Parents, family and friends are not considered to be sponsors.  If they assist with your fees, you are self-financing and must pay the fees directly.

If your employer or another organisation agrees to pay all or part of your tuition fees, the University will invoice them for the appropriate amount.

Your employer or other organisation must provide the University with the listed information, either by an official letter on company headed paper and signed by an authorised person, or an official signed purchase order:

  • Your full name (and University Student ID number if known).
  • The amount of tuition fees they will pay and the academic year.
  • The name of a responsible individual, organisation and address to whom the invoice should be sent.
  • A reference (or purchase order number) to be quoted (if applicable).

You must upload a copy of the letter or purchase order when completing the tuition fees payment section during your online registration for enrolment.

It is important you understand:

  • The University reserves the right to not accept a sponsor.
  • The University reserves the right to not accept a sponsor’s letter or purchase order if the necessary information is not complete.
  • A new letter or purchase order is required for each academic year of study.
  • Invoices will be raised within 21 days of enrolment.
  • Full payment is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice.
  • If your sponsor fails to pay, or withdraws their support at any point in the year, you are still responsible for any outstanding fees and the University will hold you liable for this amount.


Information for applicants

If you have paid a deposit and no longer wish to join UAL, you may be able to request a refund using your UAL Portal if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • You formally decline your place within 14 calendar days of the University receiving your deposit payment.
  • Your visa application is refused. A copy of the refusal letter must be sent alongside your refund request.
  • You do not meet the conditions of your study offer in time to enrol on your course.
  • You have other exceptional reasons for not taking up your study place including serious illness, bereavement, medical emergency or long-term medical care of a close family member. Medical evidence may be required.
  • The course is cancelled, and a satisfactory alternative cannot be found.

Deferred entry

If you have already paid your deposit but decide to defer your place, your deposit will be kept by UAL.

Information for enrolled students

If you are entitled to a refund, submit a refund request via the ‘my Finance’ section of your UAL Portal.

Important information about refunds

  • All refunds will be made to the individual or organisation that originally paid the fees. If a third party has made the payment on behalf of the student the refund is made to the third party.
  • Refunds can only be made to the account which the original payment was made from.
  • If you are entitled, refunds will be processed within 21 days of receiving a correctly completed refund request.
  • All refunds will be made in £ sterling. Any bank charges or currency conversion costs incurred in making a refund shall be borne by the student or the third party receiving the payment.

Payment terms

It is important you pay your fees on time. If all or a proportion of your fees or charges remain unpaid after the due date relevant to your chosen method of payment, charges and/or sanctions may be imposed by the University which could affect your studies.

Sanctions include:

  • Suspension: If you are suspended you will no longer be able to attend classes, submit work for assessment, or use any of the University’s facilities. Lengthy suspension may harm your ability to successfully complete your course.
  • Graduation restrictions: If you have a tuition fee debt with the University you may not be allowed to attend the graduation ceremony.
  • Certificate and academic transcripts restrictions: The University will not issue copies of certificates or academic transcripts if there is an outstanding tuition fee debt with the University.

The University operates a credit control and debt recovery programme in respect of all fees and charges owing to the University. This includes:

  • Searches to identify your permanent address.
  • Referrals to debt collection agencies.
  • Legal Proceedings which could result on County Court Judgements.

All of these can seriously affect your credit rating.

What to do if you are having difficulty funding your fees

If you are having difficulty securing the funds to pay your University fees, you should immediately contact the Student Advice Service.

Use of Third Parties

University of the Arts London (UAL) is aware that a number of third parties (such as educational agents and visa advice services) offer services to students who may wish to apply to UAL. Please note that UAL will not be liable for any failure on the part of any such third party to pass on to UAL any tuition fees or other sums which you may pay to them, whether in relation to your application, enrolment or otherwise. None of these third parties, including UAL’s authorised agents (in-country representatives), are authorised to accept money from you on UAL’s behalf. If you use the services of any such third party then this is at your own risk, and for your security we recommend all payments are made directly to UAL.

For clarity, please note that UAL’s payment processing partner called Flywire is not classified as a third party.

Payment enquiries

For all college tuition fees payment enquiries, please fill out the Finance Student Enquiry form.


Student Fees Policy

The Student Fees Policy that applies depends on when you started your course. Read our Student Fees Policy page for details.