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About us

Printmaking tutor in centre of image with a student either side.  All 3 wearing ink spattered aprons whilst tutor holds paper over newsprint covered bench.
Printmaking tutor in centre of image with a student either side.  All 3 wearing ink spattered aprons whilst tutor holds paper over newsprint covered bench.
Widening Participation team working with CAPS, London College of Fashion. Image: Michelle Buchanan.

The Teaching, Learning and Employability Exchange

Our purpose

The purpose of the Exchange is to enhance the student experience through the transformation of teaching, learning and careers education in partnership with staff and students.

UAL defines Quality Enhancement as ‘taking deliberate steps to bring about improvement in the effectiveness of the learning experiences of students’ (read more in the UAL Quality Statement, staff login required).

Get to know the Exchange

Dr Danielle Tran

Danielle is Director of Education. She manages the Exchange and leads on the delivery of the UAL Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy.

  • Vicky Haverson is Administrator to Dean of Learning, Teaching and Enhancement.
  • Kris Stapleton co-ordinates Exchange events and finance.
  • Katharine Dwyer manages the Exchange’s online and internal communications, including the monthly Exchange newsletter.
  • Rochelle Rozasty is Decolonising Secondments Administrative Coordinator.

Contact us

Twitter: @UALTLE


University of the Arts London
272 High Holborn
London WC1V 7EY

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Our work

Our approach

Our approach is to work collaboratively across UAL teams, Colleges and courses as a key component in the enhancement architecture of the university, particularly leading on:

  • Designing and delivering teaching and learning focused professional development (including qualifications and professional recognition)
  • Evidence-informed critical interventions and resources for staff to enhance teaching practice and to inform curriculum design and pedagogy across the university
  • Providing pedagogic expertise and support of teaching processes and practices, in both digital and physical contexts
  • Enhancing students’ employability and creative attributes through experiential learning and access to industry
  • Influencing cross-university enhancement and culture change through co-developed policies, guidance and strategies

Measuring success

Success is measured in various forms and areas of work including UAL’s Access and Participation Plan.

Reach and impact are reviewed quantitatively and qualitatively including through key performance indicators and student satisfaction surveys. Metrics are aligned with core areas of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF): teaching and learning environment, student academic experience, educational gain and graduate outcomes.

We endeavour to help progress social justice and ethical agendas including EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion), access, environmental sustainability and anti-racism.

We aim to empower UAL students and graduates to make a living doing what they love regardless of their background or circumstance, and strive to support those underrepresented in the creative industries.