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About us

Our Work

The central aim of the Teaching, Learning and Employability Exchange is to enhance learning and teaching and careers education, working in partnership with staff and students across UAL.  The Exchange brings together expertise in teaching and learning, professional development, academic enhancement, digital learning, careers and enterprise education.

The idea of exchange is key to our work. We foster partnerships with staff and students across Colleges and departments to develop, evaluate and disseminate best practice in an efficient way.

We have developed a diverse range of funding opportunities, courses, events and continuing professional development to support staff seeking to improve teaching, learning and careers education.

The Exchange developed the Academic Enhancement Model (AEM).  The key focus of the AEM is the analysis of course based metrics to identify courses that need support in improving student experience (as measured by the National Student Survey) and the elimination of attainment differentials between students of colour and white students.

Creative education is at the heart of UAL and the Exchange ensures that all its resources for staff and students reflect the disciplinary contexts within which students learn. We work collaboratively with College staff to ensure that we respond to local staff and student priorities and learning needs.

Our Values


Outstanding learning experiences are the outcome of partnership with colleagues and students to bring together their expertise, inventiveness and unique perspectives to enrich the student learning experience.


Recognising, valuing and promoting diversity is central to a fair and inclusive learning environment for all staff and students.


Creative teaching is only possible when we can challenge orthodoxies and experiment, innovate and take creative risks as pedagogically informed and highly-skilled educators.


Our activities should lead to concrete, accessible and usable ideas, tools and resources that can make an immediate and meaningful difference to the learning and teaching environment.


The enhancement of learning and teaching should be evidence- and research-informed, drawing on the outcomes of rigorous and ongoing critical questioning, evaluation and enquiry into teaching.