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Health and wellbeing pledge

At UAL we're committed to keeping our community safe and well while ensuring everyone can enjoy a rich and engaging University life. Together, we can help to keep ourselves and others well by taking an active role in our commitment to health and wellbeing.

Our Health and Wellbeing Pledge is a commitment we ask all our staff and students to make. It acknowledges the responsibility we all have to keep one and other well whether at home, at University or out and about.

As part of the UAL community, we understand that:

  • The University has measures in place to keep us safe.
  • We need to follow University, UK government and NHS guidance.
  • We take personal responsibility for our actions.
  • We have a social responsibility for our community.
  • We must respect members of the community who choose to wear a face covering.

Wherever we are, we will protect ourselves and others by:

  • Washing our hands frequently.
  • Using sanitising resources.
  • Staying at home when unwell, especially with symptoms of viruses or other transmissible illnesses.
  • Registering with a GP and seeking medical advice where required.

The University’s Health and Wellbeing Pledge remains in place throughout the year and will be regularly reviewed.

If you are a student and have any questions about wellbeing support and advice get in touch with Student Health.

Staff can find more information on Canvas.