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Illustration of a person jumping up and down with joy
Illustration of a person jumping up and down with joy
Illustration by Giada Maestra

Find out how Careers and Employability at UAL can support you with your career and job search.

Careers and Employability empowers UAL students and graduates to make a living doing what they love.

Our range of services can help you to build a successful career, whether you want to be an employee, freelancer, entrepreneur or creative practitioner.

We provide:

Support is free and accessible to all UAL students and graduates (up to 5 years after graduation).

We don't have a student-facing office, but you can email us anytime with any questions:,  or for graduates, you can email

Get involved

  • A selection of profile pictures from previous Mead awardees
    Profile images from left to right: Maya Gurung-Russell Campbell, Archi Banerjee, Cassie Quinn, Nat Norland, Veera Rustomji, Eva Titherington, Tim Boddy.
    Mead Fellowship Awards

    Students and recent alumni (undergraduate and postgraduate) can apply for an award of up to £10,000 to complete a creative project after graduation. This opportunity is open to final-year students on a degree or postgraduate course and those who graduated in 2022.

  • credit Illustration by Gracie Dahl
    Credit Illustration by Gracie Dahl
    Join our Founders and Freelancers network  

    Work for yourself or want to in the future? Sign up to be part of our Founders and Freelancers group on The Dots!

  • illustration of a man drawing a making money
    Illustration by Gracie Dahl
    The Creative Innovator  

    Join us for a flexible career programme spread over four weeks aimed at helping you articulate and progress your skills and ideas!

  • Illustration of people supporting each other to achieve a trophy
    Illustration by Gracie Dahl
    Mentoring at UAL

    One-to-one mentors offer their support, knowledge and experience to a mentee, usually over a set period of time.

Key resources

  • Illustration of a man on a mountain
    Image by Gracie Dahl
    Find a job

    UAL can help you to find paid employment during or after your studies through Arts Temps and Creative Opportunities.

  • Illustration of a woman carrying a portfolio to an interview
    Illustration by Gracie Dahl
    Explore our career resources

    Our range of online tools and learning guides are designed to help you with your portfolio, interview skills and more.

  • Illustration of a group of people
    Image by Tasia Graham
    Opportunities for underrepresented students

    Learn more about Creative Shift, our programme of opportunities and events designed to help you kick start your career.

  • Illustration of a group of people
    Networking by Catarina Fonseca Chaica
    Come to our events

    Our free events, training sessions and one-to-ones will help you to learn practical skills, gain advice and meet creative professionals.

What are you looking for?

  • Illustration of a person surfing on a credit card.
    Money by Gabriele Lorusso
    Careers advice for students

    Explore the full range of ways we can support you with your career, from making money while you study to preparing for the world of work.

  • Illustration of three people drawing.
    Collaboration by Gracie Dahl
    Careers advice for graduates

    Our advisors and resources can support you with identifying your career path, applications and preparing for interviews.

  • Illustration of a person multitasking
    Starting A Business by Gracie Dahl
    Freelance and business support

    Our enterprise team can support you with many aspects of setting up and running a successful business or freelance practice.

  • A man painting on canvas.
    Mohammed Adel painting in the studio. Photo Alys Tomlinson
    Support for visual artists  

    Artquest provides the professional information, advice and projects that visual artists need to understand the art world.

Latest stories

  • Interview Anxiety
    Jewellery by Imogen Colla, Foundation Show, © Max Barnett

    Interview Anxiety

    When I run sessions on Interview skills the main challenge people want help with isn’t how to practice or answering questions or how to dress, it’s self-doubt and anxiety.

  • Meet the designers from Top Drawer January 2023

    Meet the designers from Top Drawer January 2023

    UAL’s stand at Top Drawer showcases up-and-coming designers and gives them an opportunity to meet with buyers face-to-face. Meet this season's cohort!

  • Regaining momentum and motivation

    Regaining momentum and motivation

    There are many reasons why someone may lose momentum or motivation for a goal or project, such as a creative block, negative feedback and rejection, or a break to simply prioritise other aspects of your life.

  • The benefits of celebrating your achievements
    Image by Weiye Wang

    The benefits of celebrating your achievements

    New Year is approaching and so comes the bombardment of people's sugar-coated 2022 achievements all over social media. But when you look closely at this, is this really a bad thing? Sugar coating in a public space is not great, it can be a major