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Climate Action Plan

Change the way we teach

Inside a round building with lots of windows and doors and a bumpy grass-like floor.
Inside a round building with lots of windows and doors and a bumpy grass-like floor.
Mayyadah Hameed, 2021 MA Interior and Spatial Design, Camberwell College of Arts, UAL

Leading change with a new curriculum.

In the face of the environmental and climate emergency, we have a responsibility to lead change and encourage our students to take action. Across all subjects and levels, our students' work, research and creative practice can contribute to a better world.

To create a curriculum underpinned by climate justice, we must not only change what we teach, but our approach to teaching and learning too. Based in the science of climate change, students will develop skills to help them make better decisions in their creative practice.

We'll help develop systems thinking that acknowledges the complexity of life on earth. To make this possible, we’ll give our staff tools, skills and resources to develop a new type of curriculum.

A green organism with a moss-like ring around it sits on top of moss-like material
Sachi Patil, 2021 MA Graphic Communication Design, Central Saint Martins, UAL

What we’ll do

  • Increase our climate and environmental literacy.
  • Embed climate justice in all our courses by 2025. Acknowledging its intersection with social and racial justice.
  • Create the conditions for collaboration, enabling our students and staff to make individual changes, take action and advocate for further change in the curriculum.
  • Provide support and development opportunities for staff to aid in transforming the curriculum to address climate justice.

What we've done so far

We need to start thinking about the transformation that needs to happen and what role we play in that... it is the responsibility of creative people to communicate this situation. To create an impact and encourage action.

Alejandro Martínez Climate Advocate at London College of Communication
Top down view of students gathered around a table looking at items
MA Material Futures work in progress presentation in the Street at Central Saint Martins| Photograph: John Sturrock