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Short Course Stories

Find out what's been happening at UAL Short Courses in our Stories section.

Latest stories


    5 types of photography to master

    We spoke to award winning photographer, creative director and UAL short course tutor, Giulio Mazzarini, about 5 types of photography.

  • 5 tips to create a successful copywriting portfolio

    We spoke to award-winning writer and UAL short course tutor, Elise Valmorbida, about how to create a successful copywriting portfolio.

  • Stills from Lina’s film ‘SIT ON THE FENCE’ - the photographer has recently begun exploring moving image, which she describes as “a more extended space that always changes, but at the same time offers a singular point of view that positions

    How to build a photography portfolio for an MA

    “The folio course was a starting point for my current practice”; discover how the Photography Professional Practice and Academic Portfolio course set one student on a path of creative self-discovery.

  • How can art and creativity improve your health and wellbeing?

    With mental health issues affecting nearly half of the population at some point in their lives, we spoke to artists and art therapists to ask how art and creativity can improve your health and wellbeing.

  • Sketching Perspective with Ilga Leimanis

    London-based visual artist, educator and UAL drawing and creativity tutor, Ilga Leimanis has recently launched her latest published work Sketching Perspective.