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It's never too early to develop your fine art skills

It's neve too early to start your career
It's neve too early to start your career

Written by
Mariana Jaureguilorda Beltran
Published date
15 July 2020

Are you a teenager who loves art and would like to start a career in fine art? We are firm believers that it is never too early to start!

We hate to blow our own trumpets but it feels like a good day to share our news with you...

We've developed a brand new range of teenager online courses based on our most popular studio courses, specifically for young people from 11-18. 

The courses are fully interactive and allow for real-time engagement with both tutor and classmates. There are also set homework assignments and helpful tutor feedback too.

What do I need to become a fine artist?

There is no one linear way to become a fine artist. Professional qualifications aren’t a must but a high level of skill and creative talent, matched with drive and ambition are essential to success.

Our teenager courses are useful for developing and broadening your experience and techniques, having access to studio space, building a portfolio and getting tutor’s advice – as well as meeting like-minded people.

Most of our teenager students go on to foundation and undergraduate degrees, but that all depends on your interests!

Develop your skills, creativity, and gain confidence

We recently interviewed student Jake Scott, who joined us at Chelsea College of Arts for Fine Art for 16 to 18 year Olds Online Short Course and went on to exhibit his work in our Short Course Exhibition.

His piece “Fade to Black” used many techniques he learned on the course. Jake explained:

“The course was very inspirational and I am proud of the progress I made over the course.”

He explained his motivation to join:

“I chose Fine Art for 16 to 18 year Olds Online Short Course as I wanted to develop my art further and study at a prestigious school such as Chelsea College of Arts. It was also appealing to work alongside other like-minded young creatives.”

Jake's work

Develop your own style

As a fine artist, developing your own style is key. To do so, practice and experimentation are essential.

Our Art and Design courses will help you strengthen your skills and engage with experimentation and generation of your ideas. Several areas of fine arts are covered, giving you the chance to find your niche.

You will be given freedom to approach your projects in the way you choose and focus on your areas of interest, such as painting, drawing, photography or illustration!

Student Jasmine Broadhurst, produced wonderful models and nudes whilst studying upon the Art and Design Workshop for 16 to 18-year-olds course.

She said:

“ I enjoyed the work created so much that it inspired me to continue working on a project I started whilst attending the course. I also felt it helped me get out of a creative block, and I loved learning completely brand new skills.”

Jasmine's work

Building your own portfolio

Are you thinking of applying for foundation or degree level at art college? If so, you will need a good portfolio showing all your talent and hard work.

All our teenager courses can be taken as an opportunity to build a portfolio of work showing all your talent and hard work.

Student Ellen Ringrose attended four courses for teenagers and produced some genuinely stunning work.

Here’s what she said:

“Coming to CSM has strengthened my confidence with people and in my art work. My portfolio is a hundred times stronger than it would have been if I’d stuck to a traditional A Level and GCSE style of work, the tutors treat me like an adult and encourage the class to try new things. Coming to CSM also helped me realise that I didn’t want to be in the “traditional” school system any longer so, after getting my GCSE results, I took the leap and transferred to my current college.”

Ellen's work

Are you set on applying for foundation or degree level at art school? Do you need help building a strong portfolio?

Our Portfolio Preparation for at school course will show you all the methods and tools needed to build a killer portfolio of work.

You will be taken through daily exercises and mini-projects to inspire new ways of thinking and working. We will focus on a different area of study each day including drawing, collage, painting, 3d and graphics. You will use basic materials and everyday items to produce exciting new work. There will be short tasks to complete following class that will enrich your day’s study.

Are you 11-15 years old?

Not 16 yet? Don't worry, we have courses for everyone.

UAL Future Creatives now provides inspiring online art classes for children and teenagers. These live online classes provide an exceptional creative education with practical learning through engaging activities.

For the young artists, check out our Art and Design School at Home for 13 to 16 Year Olds Online Short Course and GSCE Art and Design Portfolio for 13 to 16 Year Olds Online Short Course.

Did you know we have a wide range of online courses for teenagers taking place in summer 2020? Check out how online short courses can help develop your practice here.

Are you curious about how an online course works? Find out what you need to take part here.

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