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Looking for inspiration? From Instagram to your reading list

Published date
28 May 2020

Whether you are still working from home and struggling to work productively in a new set up, or working on your personal goals during this period. We are all trying to stay productive in one way or another during this moment of pause worldwide. For that reason, LCC Short Courses tutor Kalina Pulit has put together a power-pack – following her three-step thought process, what you can watch, listen and learn during this time, sharing her insight on what to add to your reading list and who to follow on Instagram. Kalina is a creative practitioner and leads our short courses in – Multimedia Storytelling and Creative Direction for Digital Media amongst many others.

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To add to your reading list

  • Nick Cave – The Red Hand Files
    What are your plans for the corona pandemic? What do you intend to do to fill the time? I became a fan of Nick Cave’s Red Hand Files after being introduced to it by my friend. It seems like now more than ever we crave that thought through, well crafted, personal response that he delivers gracefully across his platform.
  • Olivia Laing – The Lonely City
    Nothing seems more well timed than a book about loneliness in a big city. Depicted through the perspective of lives and creative practices of artists such as Edward Hopper, Andy Warhol, Valerie Solanas, David Wojnarowicz and Nan Goldin to name a few. Amongst other things, it points to loneliness being a catalyst for some of the greatest art of the era.
  • Dr Charlotte Cooper: Virus Labour essay
    A succinct early analysis of what we’re been feeling and seeing happening around us as we adjust to ‘the new normal’.

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