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Student Story: Rebbeca Morse, Book Illustration

Rebbeca Morse,
Written by
Jasmin Woolley-Butler
Published date
17 September 2019

Book Illustration is a course that will help emerging illustrators develop their visual language and gain confidence in designing characters and telling stories. Rebbeca Morse, completed the course in March and recently exhibited in our short course exhibition. Here, Rebbeca answers our questions and shares her work, explaining how her short course served as a catalyst for a new freelance career.

Rebbeca's Work

Which course did you study and why did you choose it?

I chose the week-long Book Illustration Course, taught by the lovely Zehra Hicks, Children's Illustrator and Author. I wanted to illustrate a story created by a lady I met who has become a friend who had told her own daughter stories at bedtime from memory.

My journey has been eventful having survived brain surgery and the ongoing recovery, changing personality and capability. I realised I could still draw, having previously completed my Art College qualification's many years ago.

With new ways of learning and being able to show my ideas, the Book Illustration Course has been the launchpad for my new Freelance work and website. I am very proud to have been part of the famous UAL Chelsea College of Arts.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

My experience of becoming part of Chelsea College Of Art was inspiring in understanding how the Book Illustration Course is in learning how a story and the illustrations go together.

How has this course benefitted your career and personal development?

I have completed several illustrated pieces, developing my own style and the creation of an accompanying website.

The Book Illustration Course has allowed me to share my skills learned my achievement in passing and now taking Commissions and being part of an Art Exhibition.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking a short course Camberwell, Chelsea or Wimbledon Colleges of Arts?

Go For It!

What do you believe is integral to the work of an artist or designer, in any discipline?

Exposing creativity and being brave in simply drawing and seeing what happens. Understanding how a story accompanies artwork and the communication involved to create a successful piece of work. Never give up!

What 3 words best describe your short course experience at Chelsea, Camberwell or Wimbledon?

Delightful and full of positive and creative atmosphere. I was excited even before joining other students in our group, Chelsea College Of Art has a wonderfully professional and artistic vibe.

Where are you currently based?

Rolvenden, East Sussex

What is your occupational background?

I qualified as an Artist/Illustrator in 1989, I have travelled extensively overseas and in the United Kingdom. I have changed my working career many times, High-Class Retail, Sales Floor Merchandising, Hospitality and as an Artist and Illustrator.

Anything else you would like to add?

I lived with uncontrolled Epilepsy - that wasn't diagnosed until 2011, it changed my life after being a suitable candidate for brain surgery.

I am left-handed and had a right-hand side Craniotomy in 2014 and further surgery after infection.

I learned to think differently, finding I could draw without really knowing how it happened, encouraged me to learn the skill of illustration again.

It was an emotional journey of visualising my future, could I achieve the skills to work as a freelance Illustrator.

You can see more of Rebbeca's Illustration on her website:

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