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Student Stories: Ewa Grzeszczuk Karzynska and Art Direction for Film


Student Stories: Ewa Grzeszczuk Karzynska and Art Direction for Film


Written by
Hamish Chohan
Published date
28 May 2019
Production Designers are vital to creating tangible worlds, through visual storytelling, that characters can inhabit on screen. They’re an important part of most film productions but as student, Ewa Grzeszczuk Karzynska, sees things, developing skills within this field is also great preparation for the future!

“I really loved the atmosphere which was extremely creative, without criticism.”

So how did Ewa find her Summer School attending Art Direction for Film?

Ewa Grzeszczuk Karzynska

Ewa Grzeszczuk Karzynska

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Ewa Grzeszczuk Karzynska and I am from Szczecin, Poland.

What short course did you study on and why did you choose it?

I chose Art Direction for Film because I believe our preferences for looking at pictures is changing to wanting something more vivid. With the popularity of YouTube and Instagram’s TV tool (IGTV), we are preferring movies, both short and long, instead of pictures. This notion, to me, feels very futuristic and so I wanted to take a course that was related. Taking away knowledge that would be useful no matter what profession I choose to follow.


© Ewa Grzeszczuk Karzynska

What did you enjoy most about your course?

I really loved the atmosphere which was extremely creative, without criticism. The course was very open-minded and I've learnt that art is a great field to discuss, not just criticise. I also enjoyed the “behind-the-scenes” stories our tutors shared - something you cannot learn from in a book.

How has this course benefited your career and personal development?

It has definitely helped my personal development as a creative person, and last year, after this course, I undertook my very first job within art direction for a social action film called “Woman with a Tattoo on Her Breast”. The film was created for and raised awareness of women after having a mastectomy.

3d model.

© Ewa Grzeszczuk Karzynska

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking a short course at Central Saint Martins?

Just go for it! Especially if you are looking for a new experience which will change your view on art, or if you are simply looking for creative people you would love to spend a week with. It's a holistic experience which develops you like a faraway journey.

What do you believe is integral to the work of an artist, in any discipline?

Harness the inspiration which can come to you from anywhere, and ensure you have good basic technical skills to convey your ideas.

What 3 words best describe your short course experience at CSM?

Mind-opening, inspiring and refreshing!

Interior design model.

© Ewa Grzeszczuk Karzynska

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