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Meet the Future Creatives Tutor: Pam Williams

Student artwork
  • Written byCarys Thomas
  • Published date 12 April 2022
Student artwork
Student artwork from one of Pam Williams' classes

Visual artist, designer and educator, Pam Williams, has as a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Pam has worked for several high-profile companies including Wolff Olins, Foster and Partners and the Museum of London’s Archaeology unit.

We caught up with the Future Creatives tutor to find out more about her practice and hear about her influences as an accomplished artist and designer.

It's great to unlock creativity and to give someone the freedom to express themselves through visuals.

— Pam Williams, Artist, Designer and Future Creatives Tutor

Pam’s creative background is rooted in fine art. After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sculpture at Central Saint Martins, Pam went on to study for a Master’s degree in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art.

She is keen to share her passion for art with young people and currently teaches at various colleges across London, including City Lit in Covent Garden and the University of the Creative Arts (UCA), as well as here at Future Creatives. Pam inspires her students through a mixture of both online and in-person teaching.

Fine art and graphic design

Pam is particularly interested in the relationship between fine art and graphic design and enjoys exploring the dynamic between the two creative disciplines.

“I enjoy working with low-tech, cut and paste collage techniques that merge the boundaries between fine art and graphic design,” she says.

This relationship is a constant source of artistic inspiration for Pam, who finds that she is inspired by everything from typography to lost pet posters. “I am inspired by many things,” she says, “from lost cast posters, to skewwhiff signage.”

Unlocking creativity

For Pam, art and creativity play a fundamental role in a child’s development. She is passionate about giving young people the opportunity to express themselves through art, and loves to see how they choose to approach a particular task or brief. Read more about the importance of art and creativity in a child's development.

“It is great to unlock creativity and to give someone the freedom to express themselves through visuals,” she says.

Pam is committed to showing young people how fulfilling the creative process can be. This is reflected in her belief that students should be encouraged to take risks and try new techniques. “I love to see individuals embrace something new and take risks,” she explains. “I aim to provide a space that gives students the opportunity to be playful and enjoy the creative process.”

Find out more about Pam’s work and take a look at her current projects by following her Instagram account.

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