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Course Feature: Graphic Design

Jasmin Woolley-Butler,
Written by
Jasmin Woolley-Butler
Published date
22 November 2019

We’re taking a closer look at what you can expect if you join our 5-day Graphic Design course. This course provides you with a comprehensive hands-on introduction to graphic design, through a variety of carefully written project briefs you will explore all the different things graphic design can be, whilst gaining an understanding of how to generate and develop design concepts and fulfil a design brief.

Ideal for those who are fascinated and curious about Graphic Design, you might be looking to solidify skills for a job or project, thinking about changing career or looking to study Graphic Design. You will be required to undertake independent study during this course and complete some work between classes to progress your projects. You will come away from this course with increased confidence in your ideas, decision-making and design concepts.

With a focus on creative process and concept development, this course does not provide software tuition, meaning computer use is optional. Some student may find it beneficial to also take Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to compliment your new-found design skills.

Day-by-day on a typical session of Graphic Design

Session 1

You will start the course with a slide show introducing you to the breadth and scope of what graphic design can be, challenging your preconceptions and inspiring you to explore your creativity during the course.

Next you will respond to your first brief – this quick-fire project will get you thinking like a designer. In the afternoon you will review the outcomes of this with a group discussion lead by your tutor. Before the end of the day, you will be briefed for you second project and set homework to develop some initial ideas for session 2.

Session 2

Following a discussion about your initial project ideas, you will get stuck in to your second project. Your tutor will give each student a 1-2-1 tutorial about their work as you develop your project.

In the afternoon your tutor will brief you on a range of project options. Each carefully designed to introduce you to different topics within graphic design such as - typography, branding, designing for publications, advertising and logo design. Each of these projects will allow you to explore different approaches to developing concepts and ideas, as well as giving you a greater understanding of the topics. You may choose to focus on one or two of these projects or begin to work on all of them, depending on your personal interests and ambitions.

Session 3

Day 3 is about expanding your initial ideas into more developed design concepts. With guidance from your tutor you will expand your research, using class resources, the college library and internet.

You will work on designs for your chosen projects though the afternoon, using the mornings research to inform your work. There will be further opportunity for conversations with the tutor and your group.

Session 4

Day 4 will see you continue to develop design concepts and artwork for your chosen projects, or you may choose to begin a new project if you feel you have resolved the initial project(s) you began working with.

Further 1-2-1 support will be available from the tutor, to talk about you projects and design aspirations beyond your short course.

Session 5

Today there will be a group critique of student projects. This is an opportunity for you to speak about your design thinking and the ideas you have generated with the tutor and fellow students. This will be a forum of friendly feedback and an opportunity to see what other students have created and the different approached taken.

Should you wish to develop your design thinking and design work further, you are invited to repeat the course, where you will be given a different set of briefs by the tutor or you are welcome to bring a personal project brief to class, where you can develop your ideas in this supportive creative environment.

Student reviews

“[The tutor was] very patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable…the briefs and materials were excellent” – Joanna Tutinji, July 2017

“The course was helpful and motivating. I liked the flexibility of being able to work on briefs of our choice.” – Anon, June 2018

“I really appreciate the amount of time that the tutor dedicates to each person. The tutor is a very positive and motivating person and makes working enjoyable” – Laura, June 2017

“Very stimulating, great to think creatively for a change.” – Jon Sandy, August 2017

“[The tutor was] was great at picking out strong concepts and gave informative guidance. He was thorough with critiques and was brilliant for bouncing ideas off. He always had time to discuss and advise after class” – Karen Clarke, August 2018