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How a womenswear design short course inspired a career change


Written by
Yusuf Tamanna
Published date
16 December 2020

The average person spends a third of their life at work. So, why not spend it doing something you love?

There is no denying it. Changing careers is a major life-changing step, but we’ve got you covered.

People change careers for many reasons. Some of us are seeking flexible working, other want to turn new interests into a full-time role and many discover opportunities.

And a short course may be the first step towards your dream career.


Tammy Arum tells me when she originally signed up to do the Womenswear Design Online Short Course, it was simply to just improve her skills.

“I was interested in learning basic skills to design womenswear and I searched the web looking for the perfect course for me. I enquired and sent a few emails to various fashion institutions and found that UAL had more to offer that the others I contacted,” Tammy explains.

On the course itself - which she described as being creative, insightful and challenging - Tammy was able to overcome her own doubts about her drawing skills and learned a lot about what really goes into designing womenswear for the wider market.

“I was able to learn how to draw fashion figures, get inspiration from everyday items, collate a mood board, define my customers, put a fashion portfolio together and present my ideas to the class. All of this gave me the confidence I needed to communicate my designs to stakeholders and manufacturers.”

It’s for this very reason that Tammy is now in the process of changing careers completely. Currently working as a HR Specialist/HR Project Manager, Tammy is doing away with the 9-5 rat- race and is focusing all her energies on launching her own fashion brand as early as March 2021.

“I was inspired after I finished my short course to start my own fashion brand because I learned the skills I needed to get started as a fashion designer for womenswear,” Tammy explains.”

Currently in the process of working on samples for her Spring/Summer 2021 collection, which she admits has been hard work but very rewarding, Tammy says she would encourage anyone to do a short course if they found themselves considering the idea.

“I would just say go for it!”


Are you looking for creative inspiration? We have a wide variety of online short courses on offer to help you reach your full creative potential.

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