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Studying with Dominique L’Olive in the studio and online

Three images (left to right): Chair illustration with painted blue and purple textile design (section) / Tutor, Dominique L’Olive, stood in front of graffiti / Students working in textile design studio, work and materials on table.

Studying with Dominique L’Olive in the studio and online

Written by Hamish Chohan
Published date 17 October 2019

Dominique L’Olive is a Central Saint Martins short courses tutor who delivers a wide range of incredible courses both in the studio and online! From Creative Portfolio in Textile Design to Drawing and Painting for Textile Design (Online Short Course), we spoke with Dominique to find out more about her courses, the advantages of both options of study and 5 reasons why one of her courses could be the perfect course for you.

5 reasons you should take a course with Dominique L’Olive

  1. Learn techniques that will enable you to quickly create repeat patterns
  2. Discover how textile designers research for print
  3. Guidance on how to develop your ideas from sketches through to finished artwork
  4. Presentation skills so that you can present your work to a high standard
  5. Exposure to a variety of painting techniques that you can then further develop digitally

Dominique L’Olive and textile design

Feeling inspired? Creating Textile Design Collections (Online Short Course), Drawing and Painting for Textile Design, Designing for Surface Decoration, Drawing and Painting for Textile Design (Online Short Course) and Experimental Draping with Fashion Print Workshop all have spaces to book upon right now! See you in a workshop or online soon.