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Student Story: Federico Gambarini, Art Direction


Written by
Jasmin Woolley-Butler
Published date
29 April 2020

To coincide with the launch of the online version of our ever-popular Art Direction short course, we’re sharing this interview with past Art Direction student Federico Gambarini. Read on to hear how Federico found the course enriching, with many new skills he's found highly transferable to his dance and choreography practice.

Art Directors provide a crucial role in many different creative industries and practices. The skills learned on this course will help you bring focus and clarity to you or your companies’ creative vision and ensure effective communication with your target audience. Federico’s story is particularly inspiring as he demonstrates how these skills can be invaluable to diverse creative practices.

What inspired you to take a short course(s) and what did you enjoy most about it?

I was inspired by the possibility to learn a lot about communication through the use of images and texts from a completely new perspective than the one I am used to. I enjoyed how specific the course was in terms of explaining how this communication through images can happen and how crucial it is to fully commit to your creativity. I also particularly appreciated how the information provided during the course resulted as extremely versatile and transferrable into my everyday practice as a dance artist. I found myself drawing a lot from my experience at the course while developing my ideas and working on my choreographic practice.

How has your short course(s) benefited your career, education, and/or personal development?

The course was extremely beneficial for my career as a choreography student. It gave me useful information about how to develop, communicate, and promote my ideas in an efficient, original, and understandable way. Choreographers are usually required to communicate clearly and well-developed information to a large number of people to get to the full and successful realisation of their ideas, and I believe the course was extremely helpful for the development of this specific skill.

Where are you planning to use your new creative skills?

My new creative skills will be specifically used in my choreographic practice. As an example, I am now able to create and develop clear and understandable mood boards that can be shown to dancers, musicians, and costume designers to successfully transmit my ideas and put them into practice. I also feel much more aware of how to efficiently promote my own business as a dance artist through the combined use of texts and images.

Art Direction

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking a short course at Camberwell, Chelsea, or Wimbledon Colleges of Arts?

I would personally highly recommend the course. It provides a huge amount of useful information that can be applied for many different career purposes.

What characteristics do you think are vital to becoming a successful artist/creative, in any discipline?

I believe a successful art director should display versatility and a strong ability to adapt and communicate ideas to others.

What 3 words best describe your Short Course experience?

inspiring, different, enriching

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