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Short Course Exhibition: Design Exhibitors


Written by
Jasmin Woolley-Butler
Published date
05 September 2019

As we countdown to the Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon College of Arts Short Course Exhibition, we’re introducing each of the exhibitors whose artwork will feature in the show. Today we showcase students who have studied a short course in one of the design disciplines: Interior Design, Graphic Design or Textile Design.

Name: Juan Jose Sanchez
Work title: New Millbank Gardens
Short Course: Landscape Architecture - An Introduction

‘New Millbank Gardens is a proposal to renovate an open space in the centre of London. These gardens are a link between Tate Britain and a traditional residential neighbourhood. The project approaches the design taking into consideration its users and the history of the place.’

Name: Beatriz Perez
Work title: Lessons of Light
Short Course: Lighting for Residential Interiors

‘Lessons of Light are the lessons that Beatriz found essential for all those who aspire to access the knowledge of the proper application of lighting.’

Name: Samira Modaresifar
Work title: Full Tank (bar and restaurant)
Short Course: Interior Design - Module Two, Interior Design Module Three

‘My restaurant/bar design is inspired by classic cars, tugging firmly but tastefully at childhood memories of many generations. My first commercial project, the mood board is a combination of photos chosen to represent the ambience of my design.’

Name: Warittha Sa-nguanyart
Work title: Untitled-1
Short Course: Graphic Design

‘This is the first A5 fanzine that I've created from Graphic Design Short Course. Subjects that I chose for my zine(16 pages) are about stuff that have inspired me recently.’

Name: Marianne Mazaud
Work title: Corolle Artist Profile
Short Course: Graphic Design - Experience Industry

‘This book was designed in a certain way to make sure the layout, colours, refine designs and use of space would help to highlight the creative concept described here: duality, sensuality and timeless.’

Name: Sean Kinson
Work title: Glitch Journal
Short Course: Graphic Design

‘Glitch Journal is a publication of queer poetry, fiction and non-fiction, illustration, and digital glitch art. All content is my own. The work became a significant project in my successful application to the MA GCD at CSM.’

Name: Ona Brikute
Work title: Muzeen
Short Course: Graphic Design - Experience Industry

‘I chose to create a magazine, therefore I aimed for a professional look and topic continuity. Choosing to represent unusual museums I wanted to inspire readers to visit less known museums which have very specific and original exhibits.’

Name: Katie Murphy
Work title: Shopping List Page
Short Course: Graphic Design

‘The zine will be made from a collection of found discarded shopping lists, presented on various tabletops, reflecting the domestic origin of these every day, ephemeral yet essential objects. Short poems and texts will appear on some spreads to offset the shopping lists.’

Name: Gemma Challenger
Work title: Autumn
Short Course: Digital Textile Design

‘I love using these traditional mediums to create pieces of art. However, I wanted to develop my digital skills. When I saw the short course advertised it appeared ‘tailor made’ as it combined digital technology with pattern design.’

The Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon Short Course Exhibition will take place alongside the Chelsea MA Summer Show 2019. Please join us to celebrate and gain inspiration from the short course students Journey’s between 6 – 12 September.

Exhibition dates:
6 – 12 September 2019

Opening hours:
Saturday 11am - 4.30pm  |  Sunday closed  | Monday - Thursday 10am - 8pm

Private view:
Friday 6 September  |  6pm – 9pm (last entry 8.40pm)

Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street