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CSM x Fashion Law Institute first Professional Development Workshop

Adam Razvi,
Written by
Hamish Chohan
Published date
19 February 2020

The new decade promises fresh opportunities and challenges for those working in fashion. Next month, thought leaders from the Fashion Law Institute - the world’s first institute dedicated to law and the business of fashion, based out of Fordham Law School in New York - and leaders of the world–famous fashion programme at Central Saint Martins, UAL, combine forces for the very first time, to share their collective expertise in fashion law and business with the industry’s workforce.

Models by Asia Werbel.

© Asia Werbel

The first annual CSM x Fashion Law Institute Fashion Law Professional Development Workshop will take place on 12 March at CSM. Exploring what’s ahead in the industry, it’s designed to share everything our two institutions’ know about the industry’s legal and business environment, supporting professionals who want to prepare for fashion’s changing future.

A better awareness of fashion law and business

The aim is to underpin innovative fashion design and communication with a richer awareness of fashion law and business, bringing to life issues relevant to the careers and roles of fashion professionals - from designers, start-up founders and entrepreneurs, to lawyers and others working across the fashion industry.

The programme will address the essential legal issues relevant to the global fashion industry. Built around fashion law fundamentals, it is concerned with design protection, licensing, start-up structures and financing, supply chain management and sustainability and key developments and trends in areas like IP, privacy, advertising, antitrust and international trade.

Model on runway.

© Adnan Jalal

Delivered at the highest level, the workshop will welcome to CSM, founder and Academic Director of The Fashion Law Institute, Professor Susan Scafidi - the first professor to offer a course in Fashion Law, internationally recognized for her leadership in establishing the field - and the Institute’s associate director Jeff Trexler; alongside academics from Central Saint Martins' Fashion Programme, and guest speakers including fashion in-house counsel, designers, and executives.

Students to access for free

Following the March workshop, we will replicate the learning and exchange of that first industry professional development day, making the same workshop available for free to students on relevant BA and MA courses at UAL. Details will shortly be announced to students.

Models backstage.

© Adam Razvi

The Fashion Law Institute at Fordham

The Fashion Law Institute is the world’s first centre dedicated to law and the business of fashion. A non-profit organisation created with the generous support and advice of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and its former president, Diane von Furstenberg, and headquartered at Fordham Law School in New York, it offers training for the fashion lawyers and designers of the future, provides free legal services for design students and professionals, and shares information and assistance on issues facing the fashion industry.