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5 reasons why you should take a 1 week intensive short course at CSM!


5 reasons why you should take a 1 week intensive short course at CSM!

Central Saint Martins Short Courses,
Written by
Hamish Chohan
Published date
14 February 2020

Intensive short courses are your opportunity to take some well-deserved “me time” doing something you love, want to develop or feel like trying.  Feeling inspired?

Short course students.

2019 1 week intensive students

Here’s 5 reasons why we think you should definitely take a 1 week intensive short course at CSM.

  1. Taking time out from your daily routine is important for your own self-care. The Easter holidays are the perfect time to book some annual leave and focus on improving yourself + having fun! All courses take place in our studios, workshops and classrooms – with some courses getting you out and about so that you can enjoy London during the day.
  2. Looking for your next challenge? Don’t keep putting off your dream career when it can start today. Join the club of short course students who began a brand new journey when they made the choice to attend a short course. Now is the time for you to start creating the future you dream of.
  3. Learning a brand new skill can seem a little daunting, but did you know that many short courses have been designed with beginners in mind? Tutors have an understanding that people of all skill levels attend their courses and most can teach absolute beginners and those looking for a refresh all in the same class. Whether it’s graphic design or embroidery, portraiture photography or jewellery making; there are plenty of new skills waiting to be learnt.
  4. No matter what your industry, building a network is vital to idea generation, progression and creating a supportive environment of likeminded individuals. From writing groups to art collectives, there is undeniable power in community and joining a course offers you the opportunity to meet and make new friends, share insights and build your own network.
  5. Short courses really does open up Central Saint Martins to everyone. All of our courses use the same facilities as those used by our full time students and are taught by the very same CSM tutors, incredible student alumni or practising professionals. In addition to this, you get to experience London in all of its wonderful glory for the duration of your intensive course. Whether you are travelling to London or already live here - explore and rediscover this truly inspiring city.

There are plenty of amazing intensive short courses to choose from and we can’t wait to see what you can achieve in a week!

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