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Doing a short course alongside your degree

Illustration of a model wearing a baggy white dress with red boots on. The illustration is fixed on a clipboard.
Illustration of a model wearing a baggy white dress with red boots on. The illustration is fixed on a clipboard.
Ayesha Ijaz,
Written by
Yusuf Tamanna
Published date
30 September 2020

After reaching out to us via Instagram to express how much she enjoyed her online short courses, we caught up with Ayesha Ijaz on why doing two online short courses while still being at university has helped her become a better artist.

When news of the Covid-19 global pandemic forced everyone indoors, Ayesha wanted to make sure she used the free time she now had effectively. Currently a student at UAL on the BA Fashion Design degree programme, Ayesha chose to sign up for both the Fashion Design Online Short Course and the Fashion Illustration Online Short Course offered by London College of Fashion.

“I chose to do these two online courses because I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to utilise my time and learn something new during this Covid-19 situation,” Ayesha says.

Being an artist, Ayesha always wants to improve her own skills under the guidance of those with more experience, so taking some short courses while still being a university student herself made complete sense.

“What I loved the most about these courses was that they were very organised. The tutors on both courses were cooperative and taught us well. It was amazing to interact with different students from across the world and learn from their own work too.”

In doing these online short courses, Ayesha says her skills and techniques within fashion design and illustration have improved massively from when she started. In turn she feels a lot more confident in her ideas and how to execute them.

“I’d definitely encourage other students to do a short course. For me it was a great experience and was totally worth it.”


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