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Student Stories: Elizabeth Bond, Shoe Making: Pumps or Heels

Black shoes on a work top
Black shoes on a work top

Written by
Sharon Holland
Published date
25 February 2019

Elizabeth Bond took our Shoe Making Pumps or Heels Short Course. We had a chat with her about her experience.

Elizabeth Bond: Work from Shoe Making - Pumps or Heels

Student Stories: Elizabeth Bond, Shoe Making - Pumps or Heels

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

When I left home I came up to London to train as a mental health nurse and trained at Barts. This was a great career and gave me lots of experience but the creative urge was still there. In 2003 I gained a place at the Royal School of Needlework on what was their apprenticeship and changed career in a big way. After my apprenticeship, I trained as a secondary school teacher and now teach Textiles and Art. I have started to go part-time and build up my leather and textiles business. I hope shoes will become a part of this as making them makes my heart sing.

What was your motivation for choosing the Shoe Making - Pumps and Heels course?

I chose the course as I developed an unexpected interest in high heels over the summer of 2018, an interest that I did not know I had and it quite took me by surprise. I studied shoe design at the Central Saint Martins summer school and one of the first shoes they got us to design was for a high heel. I was keen to design flat shoes but decided to embrace the course experience and try the high heel. Well, it became my dirty secret. I can't even wear them let alone walk in them. After the shoe design course, I thought that I should learn more about making heels.

Why did you choose to study with LCF?

I was looking at UAL short courses and having spent a week at Central Saint Martins it felt nice to also spend a week at LCF.

What did you like most about the course?

The chance to see the whole shoe construction process through from the design to the finished shoe. The tutor also encouraged me to try out some of my ideas after he read my background sheet, so I felt the course was personalised to me as much as it could be with what we needed to cover.

What skills did you build on this course?

Knowledge of industrial processes and how shoe construction can be adapted to a smaller scale. I also built on design, pattern making, using different components and the stages involved in cemented shoemaking. I took a lot of photos and made detailed notes so I can look back on each stage as a useful reminder.

What did you like about studying in London?

It is easy for me to access as I now live about an hour outside London. The transport links are good within London.

How did you find the teaching on this course?

Positive and encouraging of me adding my own bits of flair to the design - I added some embroidery and some embellished shoe clips.

Did the course have an impact on your business/personal practice?

Yes, this course was to test if I wanted to make heels in the future as much as learning how to make the shoes themselves. I would like to move into making shoes for others and this was a big development step for me. I feel empowered to take this further and confident to practice at home.

Who would you recommend the Shoe Making - Pumps or Heels course to?

Anyone who is interested in the shoe business, either all stages of production or whether they want to focus on one aspect. The course covers the design, the pattern making and then the construction so you get a good grounding on which to build. I think it is helpful to know each stage, whatever your focus, as you can see the overall picture. If you want to know more about how to the business aspects of starting a label, this article is helpful.

Find out more about Elizabeth and her work:

Instagram: elizabethbondleather

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