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Course Focus: Art Direction (Online Short Course)

Image Courtesy of UAL,
Written by
Jasmin Woolley-Butler
Published date
05 May 2020

This week we’re taking an in-depth look at our Art Direction short course, running this June for the first time online. This 4-day course will guide you through everything from how to generate fresh ideas, to delivering a successful advertising campaign alongside teaching you about the skills and processes required to work as a professional Art Director.

This course is ideal for those studying or working in a wide range of creative industries, including (but not limited to) graphic design, photography, fashion, marketing, and advertising. As shown in our previous student story with Federico Gambarini, the skills learned here are transferable to a wide variety of creative roles and practices.

We caught up with the course tutor, London based creative director and photographer, Giulio Mazzarini. Giulio's advice for aspiring art directors is; ‘follow your obsessions, follow your dreams and work hard’ adding ‘there are no short cuts in the creative industries, follow your obsessions and don’t look back’.

Day-by-day on a typical session of Art Direction

Session 1

On the first day of the course, following an introduction from your tutor, you will be introduced to the basic principles of visual communication and gain a valuable insight into the role of art direction in editorial and advertising.

Session 2

On day two you will start with a talk covering the principles of working as a professional art director, followed with a practical exercise to solidify your learning. Continuing from this, you will develop concept and mood boards and consider how to produce a campaign.

Session 3

Day three will get you thinking about how text and image work together, how to form a creative team to take your campaign forward. The day will round up by considering what the new frontiers of advertising are.

Session 4

On this extended 4-day course, this day additional day will be dedicated to understanding the practicalities of producing a video or undertaking a photoshop for your planned campaign, equipping you with invaluable knowledge and a set of highly transferable skills. Finally, you will round up with a group discussion to conclude the course.

Art Direction

We’re still here to help you. Did you know we have a wide range of online short courses available, including Art Direction Online Short Course? Check out how online short courses can help develop your practice here.

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