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Fashion Film: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Written by Mariana Jaureguilorda Beltran
Published date 16 October 2019

Carlotta Bianchi came to London College of Fashion (LCF) and studied Fashion Film with the hopes of learning how to effectively operate a camera and feel comfortable with taking on the roles of director and producer.  During her time at LCF, she produced and directed “Breaking the Glass Ceiling”, a film focusing on gender equality and inclusivity in sports.

Carlotta's film has been selected to be showcased at the Fashion Film Festival Istanbul 2019.

Breaking the glass ceiling

"Breaking the glass ceiling’ focuses on promoting the theme of gender equality and inclusivity through sports. The idea behind this short fashion film tackles a very important contemporary topic: the importance of women empowerment in the field of sports. The message is portrayed by challenging gender norms with the styling of one single female model, which aims to show that no matter her physical appearance, gender, ethnicity or culture, she can still succeed and break the glass ceiling."

Carlotta is a full-time student at UCL, enjoys creating digital media and curating content as a freelancer. She’s always been within the fashion industry, working for production houses in advertising and outsourcing content production.

“I have always been extremely curious to learn the behind the scenes of what goes behind putting in practice my creative briefs for a project or short film from the production house perspective.”

Joining the Fashion Film Short Course at LCF, gave her the opportunity to meet young creatives from all over the world and get more experience working within a team.

“Thanks to this amazing experience I have now built the necessary self-confidence in order to bring to life other creative projects that I have been thinking about and am extremely grateful for the value of this course which allowed me to embark in a new adventure in the world of film making.”

Carlotta Bianchi on set

"This course has also been unique thanks to David who has given us different technical lessons on setting up a studio for the shoot, how to use lights, different backgrounds, camera setups and all sorts of technical features that we could play with. Experimenting with techniques and ideas was the most exciting part of the course and I would highly recommend individuals who are looking for a dynamic and inspiring course to learn how to make a fashion film and who are passionate about developing new projects and experimenting with film."

As for what the future holds, Carlotta is looking to keep creating and collaborating with creative fellows!

Connect with Carlotta via Instagram @charlotte____white