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How do you create a marketing campaign?

Published date
06 Jul 2020

With the whole world online, it's important to refocus marketing efforts to suit your audience and its needs. If you're in the midst of launching a product, project or simply want to coordinate a campaign to grow your audience we compiled the key pieces of advice from industry expert Lynsey Fox who leads on our sell-out marketing courses.

We've asked her to piece together the key things to remember when working on your next marketing campaign...

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Be sure to make your campaigns relevant and impactful for your intended audience. Otherwise you are just creating noise.

Value is everything


Think about what you're selling, or asking people to be a part of – if it doesn’t make your audiences’ life better or make their life easier, it's worth rethinking the campaigns purpose and how you can pivot to ensure it holds value.

It is not all budget dependent

When it comes to budget, big or small don't forget there is a lot of meaningful and organic opportunities available across various platforms...

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