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4 photographs. Last with paper wrapped around it, montage mood board, illustrated shoe design and shoe components on a table ready to be assembled.

Student Stories: Veronica Giron and Shoe Design for Beginners

Written by Hamish Chohan
Published date 11 September 2019

Veronica Giron is a Fashion Design graduate looking to specialise in shoe design which is why she found Shoe Design for Beginners to be the perfect fit! Seeking to develop upon her existing abilities and explore a more specific field, she said of her experience at CSM...

“I really enjoyed how our tutor, Havva Mustafa, taught us how to design and make a shoe in such a short amount of time. It was also so inspiring meeting people from other countries and with such amazing lives and souls!”

Veronica Giron

Q. Where are you from and what's your favourite thing about it?

A. I'm from Els Pallaresos, a little village in Tarragona, Spain where you will find lovely people. My favourite thing about it is that, where I live, is surrounded by forest and the Mediterranean Sea fifteen minutes away from me by car. I love walking on the beach during any season of the year because in Spain we always have good weather.

Q. What is your occupation?

A. I'm a Fashion Design graduate and last year I was working as a Fashion Designer intern at a small studio, in Barcelona, that works with the Inditex Group. I came to London because I’m looking to study the Mastering Footwear course at London College of Fashion whilst I combine studying with working in the city.

Q, What short course did you to study upon at Central Saint Martins (CSM)?

A. I picked Shoe Design for Beginners and I really enjoyed it!

Q. What did you enjoy most about your short course?

A. I really enjoyed how our tutor, Havva Mustafa, taught us how to design and make a shoe in such a short amount of time. It was also so inspiring meeting people from other countries and with such amazing lives and souls! I loved it.

Q. What is it like studying in London? What has been your favourite discovery and/or experience?

A. I arrived in London two months before the start of my short course so I had seen a lot of things in the city prior to studying. But my favourite discovery has been the environment around Central Saint Martins. There are a lot of shops, food trucks and a wonderful river with boats, it was all just incredibly fascinating!

Shoe Design for Beginners

Q. How has your short course benefited your career, education and/or personal development? What are you going to do next with your new skills?

A. As I would like to specialize in shoe design in the future, this course has equipped me with new skills and the perfect bases from which to start looking for a related jobs in the industry.

Q. What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking a short course at CSM? Why should they study there?

A. Sometimes there are so few opportunities to do what you want; if anyone plans to come to CSM I would recommend it 100%. It is a university that offers all the materials and professional knowledge, from excellent tutors, to enable you to grow in your careers.

Q. What do you believe is integral to the work of an artist/creative, in any discipline? And can you recommend a piece of art, in any medium, you feel everyone should see?

A. I think that it is integral to be able to express yourself, your feelings and emotions, and to be able to transmit your whole being to others.

The piece of art that I would recommend seeing for yourself is The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Myself, Diego, and Señor Xolotl by Frida Kahlo (1949).

Q. What three words best describe your CSM Short Course experience?

A. Strength - to get everything you want. Creativity - expression of yourself. Knowledge.

Feeling inspired, Shoe Design for Beginners returns this Autumn Term with dates also available to secure in Spring Term 2020 and Easter School 2020. Mastering Footwear starts at the end of this month and is also taugh by Havva Mustafa and Nafi Mustafa.

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