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Student Stories: Sophie Grapentin, from a History Degree to Lingerie Design

Written by
Mariana Jaureguilorda Beltran
Published date
18 November 2019

How does one go from studying History at University to joining our Structure Bra Making Short Course. Our student, Sophie Grapentin, told us all about it.

She always wanted to learn more about the practical side of lingerie making, and so after her favourite lingerie designer, Karolina Laskowska, recommended coming to LCF, she signed up to our Bra making Short Course.

“From a historian’s perspective undergarments require a completely different approach than outer garments and I’m fascinated by the role they played for women in the past constructing their own identities both as women and as sexual beings.”

Sophie explained that being able to hear about undergarment in different cultures was eye-opening.

“Where else are you able to discuss bras with people from as far away as Egypt or Mexico?”

Sophie's time at LCF Short Courses

Sophie did not only learn new skills and a better understanding of what the lingerie industry is like but also gained a newfound respect for independent lingerie makers.

“Ethical fashion is something I had been passionate about before, but I had mostly appreciated the designs and skilled use of delicate materials. Having tried myself at sewing a bra, I have gained a lot of respect for the labour of bringing a design to life. I don’t think I can ever buy a cheap bra on the high-street again, I wouldn’t feel that the low price values the work in it enough.”

She also gained lots of theoretical knowledge that will be put to good use throughout her History degree.

"The course also includes the patterns and step-by-step instructions to follow outside the course. Information about suppliers was accompanied with a few nifty little tricks on correct buying of materials. The tutor Linda has been extraordinarily helpful! She didn’t just talk to me about lingerie archives in Britain but even gave me her email address in case I ever get stuck in my research.”

When asked how she would describe the course in three words she said:

"Challenging but simultaneously empowering and very informative."

If you are feeling inspired, check-out our Lingerie Making Short Courses.

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