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Short Course Exhibition: Illustration Exhibitors


Written by
Jasmin Woolley-Butler
Published date
04 September 2019

As we countdown to the Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon College of Arts Short Course Exhibition, we’re introducing each of the exhibitors whose artwork will feature in the show. Today we showcase students who have studied one of the short courses in the subject area of illustration.

Name: Kara Dickinson
Work title: Observations at Work
Short Course: Illustration

‘The brief was to look around us and use drawing and colour to convey a mood or atmosphere. As an architect, I work in plan and section a lot, so I abstracted our table at work, in plan format, to show the chaotic and lively design process that was taking place all around me.’

Name: Tsungjung Hsiao
Work title: Mermaid
Short Course: Illustration - Drawn to Digital

‘Different simple print skills are applied to make the shape and texture of the mermaid guy and the aqua scene. I used photoshop to add some lines and dots on it. Brightly gloomy underwater life.’

Name: Christina Tina
Work title: The Girl up High with Tears
Short Course: Book Illustration

‘My journey on this short course is shown through this very meaningful picture, it dictates what I have learnt and this was all captured through experimenting with print making and trying various textures and materials.’

Name: Sunmi An
Work title: Falling Man
Short Course: Book Illustration

‘My classmates liked my watercolour so much so I eventually made the book in all watercolour. Through all discussion and suggestion, I finally made a beautiful 18-page foldable picture book.’

Name: Aran Wanichakorn
Work title: Thailand's Royal Barge
Short Course: Book Illustration

‘Thailand's Royal Barge is my original painting on location (Royal Barges National Museum) with watercolour. I have got an idea to renew my sketchbook as an installation.’

Name: Alexander Steenhorst
Work title: Bedtime Adventures
Short Course: Graphic Novel and Comic Book Art

‘During the course, we learned how to build a story and tell it in a graphic novel/comic style. What do you showcase and what do you tell the reader with words? These questions were answered. After the course, I made this short comic with those skills learned.’

Name: Erin Donohoe
Work title: The Barbican
Short Course: Illustration

‘The naïve style of drawing I developed throughout my time at UAL. Drawing line and shapes without precision challenges the ideologies of perfection. Contemporary art and leafy plants are displayed throughout the Barbican.’

Name: Rebecca Morse
Work title: Rumble, Tumble & Murphy Cat
Short Course: Book Illustration

‘My adventure to London, Chelsea College Of Art and succeed in learning again has given me the opportunity to work as a Freelance Illustrator. The Course allowed me to develop the characters created and a new chapter in promoting book illustration.’

The Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon Short Course Exhibition will take place alongside the Chelsea MA Summer Show 2019. Please join us to celebrate and gain inspiration from the short course students Journey’s between 6 – 12 September.

Exhibition dates:
6 – 12 September 2019

Opening hours:
Saturday 11am - 4.30pm  |  Sunday closed  | Monday - Thursday 10am - 8pm

Private view:
Friday 6 September  |  6pm – 9pm (last entry 8.40pm)

Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street