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How to finesse your skills as a creative

Katy Wix,
Written by
Yusuf Tamanna
Published date
27 January 2021

When asked to describe her short course experience in just three words, Katy Wix said the Introduction to Drawing Skills Online Short Course was ‘relaxing, useful and edifying.’

To say a short course helped uplift a student intellectually is no small compliment, but Katy tells me that prior to doing the short course, painting and sculpting were more of a hobby for her. The London based actor, writer and comedian says they helped her stay sane.

With such a busy schedule, Katy took some time away from creating art to focus on other things but has slowly gotten back into painting and sculpting and even managed to sell a few paintings in the process.

Katy Wix tells us more about her short course experience

Watch our interview with Katy Wix where she talks about her time on the Introduction to Drawing Skills Online Short Course at Central Saint Martins.

But it was the act of getting back into making again that inspired Katy to do a short course to hone her craft. She says she hoped the course would help add a bit more precision to her pieces and give them artistic structure.

“My paintings tend to be very loose and messy, so I wanted to get a bit more of a technical grounding with drawing, in the hope that it would improve my painting.”

Fortunately for Katy, the course was able to give her exactly what she needed - and even a bit more than she expected, which continues to inform her personal practice.

“[On the course] I got to discover more about what personal style was and to know what it wasn't. I learned what my weaknesses were and what needed work. I could definitely see improvements by the end of the course.”

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More than just improving her approaches to art, Katy credits the success of the course to the tutor – Igla Leimanis.

“The teacher was very talented, patient, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. It was a lovely, relaxed atmosphere in which to learn. I really looked forward to each lesson.”

Since completing the course Katy says she feels a lot more confident in her painting and has big plans to sell and showcase some of her new pieces of work. “I've been putting my new skills to good use by auctioning some of my work for Blueprint For All (formally known as the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust) I'm also about to sell several smaller paintings online to raise money for Refuge as well.”

“I'm hoping to set up a website soon with some of my work and am desperate to start on some small sculptures that I've been planning - just need to find the space in my home!”


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