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Course Feature: Brand Management

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Written by
Jasmin Woolley-Butler
Published date
20 January 2020

This week we’re taking a close look at our Brand Management short course. A strong brand is often considered among the most important assets to a business and having an understanding of successful brand creation and management is therefore essential to many professional creatives. Through case studies, practical exercises and discussions, you will gain invaluable knowledge that will help your creative projects moving forward.

By the end of the 3-days, you'll understand have a sound understanding of how to design, develop and manage a brand. You will have learned about brand archetypes, brand architecture and brand experience as well as gaining knowledge of effective communication strategies and positioning.

The course is ideal for those in creative industries, in particular, the fields of design, marketing, communication, photography, videography and fine arts. You might also be a recent graduate or someone interested in broadening your knowledge of branding for your own business.

We caught up with course tutor, Giulio Mazzarini who explained: ’The idea is we will be really looking at how we can structure a brand. We are looking at key issues like rebranding, repositioning, creating a new brand from scratch and again we are looking at the markets and some of the challenges brands face today. So it’s a very useful course for people who want to get into branding as a consultant or people wanting to reshape their own brand.’

Day-by-day on a typical session of Brand Management

Session 1

On the first day of the course, following an introduction from your tutor, you will dive straight into ‘Building the Brand Platform’ - a lecture and discussion explaining branding archetypes, brand architecture, identity and experience.

Session 2

On day two you will discuss management of your brand, in relation to yesterdays topics, followed by examining case studies and undertaking practical exercises to solidify your understanding of the key principles covered.

Session 3

Then on the final day, you will undertake a one-day project based on a real branding brief with guidance from you experienced tutor, before a final discussion and sharing of ideas to conclude the course.

Student reviews

“I don’t believe I’ve attended a course where the time passed so quickly! Super engaging!” – Katherine, 2019

“I enjoyed the ideation sessions. Ideas for engagement really opened my eyes to how quickly you can come up with ideas.” – Anon,  2019

“The tutor explained and went through a lot in the space of 3 days!” – Kate, 2019