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5 reasons why 2-day intensive short courses fit your busy schedule

Alys Tomlinson,
Written by
Hamish Chohan
Published date
21 September 2020

You can find many amazing upcoming online courses to book onto right now, with new courses starting from next week. But we also appreciate that committing to a number of weeks of study may not be possible for everyone, so why not take the opportunity to delve into our 2-day courses which are perfect for those seeking their next project.

5 reasons why you should take a 2-day intensive short courses

  1. 2-day intensive courses are a great way to learn a subject, offering an overview of some creative, engaging and important topics, and providing you with the tools required to take the next step in your chosen area of interest. How can two days of creativity and development change your path?
  2. Whilst we may be missing the amazing facilities at our UAL campuses, transitioning to online learning means UAL really is for everyone! Offering the potential to study alongside an international cohort whilst learning from UAL tutors, alumni and/or practicing professionals. From beginners to experienced students, we want to see you here, wherever you are!
  3. Building your network - no matter which course you take, you will also be meeting brand-new like-minded colleagues who all chose to attend the same course as you. Make friends, share insights and start your journeys together.
  4. In such strange times as these self-care comes in many forms and we feel investing in yourself via 2-days of creative work can greatly benefit you. In an interview carried out earlier this year our Health and Wellbeing for Art Making Online Short Course tutor, Marcelo, said, “Our mental health is not about being content or happy all the time - that is a farce. It’s about being resilient and recovering from the peaks and valleys that are inevitable in life and applying the same creative strategies and practices you may apply to your work to your mind.” How can learning, development or even escapism benefit you?
  5. We’ll get you started! Not sure what to pick, we’ve rounded up a selection of 2-day intensive courses for you to consider, from sustainable fashion or starting a business to beginners writing and digital photography. We can’t wait to see what courses you pick!
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