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Student Stories: Francesca Navarro and Patternmaking - Level 1

Central Saint Martins,
Written by
Hamish Chohan
Published date
30 January 2020

Recently we caught up with Francesca Navarro who attended Patternmaking - Level 1 to find out more about her time on the course. Seeking a job in the fashion industry, the course really motivated Francesca to get active in her pursuit of a new role. Patternmaking - Level 1 is a perfect way to refresh or learn brand new skills and we even have a Patternmaking - Level 2 short course students can book onto, to help further develop themselves.

"On top of covering the basics, I also enjoyed how Louis [Loizou, the tutor] went deeper into teaching us about garment construction."

Francesca Navarro

Where are you from and what's your favourite thing about it?

I’m from the South of Italy, from Puglia. My favourite thing about it is summer time - we have beautiful beaches, warm weather, and there is a lot to do during this period.

© Francesca Navarro

What short course did you to study upon at Central Saint Martins (CSM)?

I picked the Patternmaking - Level 1 short course and I truly loved it! It was very helpful to learn the basics.

What did you enjoy most about your short course?

Definitely my tutor, Louis Loizou, and the pace at which we were moving during the course was great. On top of covering the basics, I also enjoyed how Louis went deeper into teaching us about garment construction.

Patternmaking - Level 2, © Central Saint Martins

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking a short course at CSM. Why should they study there?

I believe that CSM’s approach to fashion is truly unique and different. Everything that I was taught was delivered easily and in an understandable way. From the tutor to the environment - you are constantly surrounded by creativity which completely makes you feel part of CSM’s fashion world.

Patternmaking - Level 2, © Central Saint Martins

What do you believe is integral to the work of an artist/creative, in any discipline?

I believe that an artist, or creative, has to coexist with an understanding of current and future society. The means through which someone conveys their voice about the world is what makes them an artist.

I love art in any medium. Art is art, art is beauty, art is questioning and art is emotion.

What three words best describe your CSM Short Course experience?

Helpful. Meaningful. Concise.

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