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#Passion2purpose competition: Discovering and rewarding the hard work of African based fashion entrepreneurs


Written by
Chi Gavhure
Published date
17 June 2019

We are excited to announce, for the second time in a row, our collaboration with The Assembly Hub to present the #Passion2Purpose competition.

The assembly is an African-based community and platform for ambitious young talent, entrepreneurs and professionals in the fashion and creative sector. Through their projects, they encourage creative entrepreneurs to create socially and economically viable enterprises by removing barriers to creative and professional development.

So, what’s the competition all about?

This year’s theme of Passion to Purpose takes on last year’s objective a step further. “We are looking to expand the focus of our community to their impact on their surroundings. This year we plan to discover, explore and reward the hard work of Fashion Entrepreneurs within the community, as they create a positive ripple effect through their operations,” The Assembly says.

Through this competition, the aim is to shine a light onto those unique business models that are socially conscious and prioritize their impact on the community, locally and globally.

The winner of the competition will be awarded a £500 discount off any one of our short courses at London College of Fashion.

How can you participate?

It’s very simple! You have two options: Either create a 1-minute video or collate a set of images that shows how your Fashion business makes a positive impact within your local or global community.

You must submit your entries here. You will also need to post the entry on Instagram using the #Passion2Purpose hashtag mentioning @assemblyofficial and @lcfshortcourses for a chance to get your work reposted by us. Remember to mention both social media channels in order to be eligible to win!

And to make it simple:

  1. Upload a video- max 1 minute or a set of images- max 6, showing how your Fashion Business has a positive impact within your community.
  2. Complete the submission form along with the video or images.
  3. Post the submitted video or images to your Instagram page including the hashtag #Passion2purpose in your caption and mention @assemblyofficial and @lcfshortcourses.
  4. Finally, make sure you are following both Instagram accounts @assemblyofficial and @lcfshortcourses for your entry to be eligible.

The winner will be awarded the Grand Prize of £500 discount, which can be used towards any London College of Fashion Short Courses (Online or at our London Campuses).

Whether you are the winner or not, by participating and submitting a full entry you will get a 10% discount to be used towards a London College of Fashion Short Course under the value of £1000 either online or at our London sites.

The competition will run for 60 days, from the 1st of June till the 31st of July.

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