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Meet Our Tutors: Carlyn McGuire, Fashion Design Intensive

Credit iisf_lcf Fashion Design Intensive student work
Credit iisf_lcf Fashion Design Intensive student work

Written by
Chi Gavhure
Published date
17 April 2019

London College of Fashion tutor - and CSM graduate - Carlyn McGuire teaches one of our most popular our short courses 'Fashion Design: Intensive' as well as now leading our exciting new Pre-Degree course 'Fashion Practice'.

We caught up with her to talk about her career to date...

Student work: Fashion Design: Intensive

I How did you get into the fashion industry – and did you study a formal discipline?

My entry to the fashion industry was incidental. I never pursued a fashion direction within my work, but my path was always leading me into this area. When I was a student on foundation and at CSM I was always exploring textiles and print in varying forms and my love of crafting things and making things by hand, combined with print has allowed me to find a place for my creative output within the fashion industry.

What inspired you to start teaching?

When I graduated from CSM I missed the environment and community that education provided me. I loved being part of a team and felt like I had so much more to explore as a creative. Education seemed the most natural direction for me to explore. I love working with students who want to learn, explore and develop their skills in the fashion and design industry and feel a great sense of satisfaction when they leave finding so much more then they thought they would within their work.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I have been teaching for over 12 years now and have had so many highlights. Teaching at the London College of fashion has offered me so many opportunities to extend my own academic and creative pathway. Working on developing a educational fashion programme for the London Mayors office and teaching fashion design in Dubai have been wonderful opportunities that teaching in LCF has given me.

What should fashion students in London do and see?

There are so many cultural and creative things to see and do in London. Any fashion student looking to explore the city should definitely go to the V&A museum and exhibition rd. Oxford street is great but there are so many more interesting places for fashion and cultural arts, like east London; Shoreditch is a must. Selfridges is great for fashion buying or just looking, and 5 minutes away is the Wallace collection, which is amazing. Alexander McQueen flagship store on old Bond street is stunning and has an exhibition floor for previous collections.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at London College of Fashion?

I love the fact that our university is the university of the arts. I love that everyone teaching here and studying here values the fashion industry and creative arts. LCF offers so much more than an education, it is an experience and an opportunity to explore individual creativity.

What can students expect from your course(s)?

Students should be open minded and willing to explore new and unexpected techniques and processes that will enlighten and broaden their own understanding of the fashion industry. There are so many varying and contributing elements that interconnect fashion design, media and business industry that studying here will allow students to find their own fashion pathway and discover their strengths and abilities to pursue their fashion direction.

Instagram: @iisf_lcf

Carlyn's course, Fashion Design: Intensive, runs at various times through the year. We recruit for her Pre-Degree course Fashion Practice all year round. Detailed information of both courses including dates and fees can be found below.