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Featured collage image by Francesca Ceconi, photographs from UAL Insights workshop, Thai Mahendrakumar.

UAL believes that widening participation to art and design higher education is essential for the future of our creative industries and society as a whole.

UAL Insights is the University’s outreach programme which offers young people access to our Colleges for creative activities and pre-university advice and guidance.

Not everyone has equal opportunity to enter higher education. We want to change this through UAL Insights.

We work with partner schools and FE colleges in Greater London to offer students at pre-16 and post-16 level access to creative programmes that will help to develop their skills and experience as young creatives.

UAL Insights activities are run by the Outreach team and take place across UAL’s 6 Colleges.

Download our Post-16 programme timeline (PDF 1.9MB) for an overview.

Get in touch for information on our pre-16 projects:

  • Colourful illustrations of people laid out in a mosaic patter
    Illustrations by Hannah Balogun
    Meet our team

    Discover how we work together across the University.

  • Featured collage image by Francesca Ceconi, photographs from UAL Insights workshop, Thai Mahendrakumar and Unique Moore.
    Eligibility criteria and applications

    Find out if your students are eligible to apply to our projects and programmes. Contact us for any questions:

  • A collaged image with a blue background featuriing a person leaning to the right whilst wearing an angular structure
    Featured collage image, photograph from UAL Insights workshop, Jerry Florez.
    Insights: shape your portfolio

    We work with UAL staff and students to build a growing resource of ideas, research and student stories, to inspire and help prospective Insights applicants to develop their work.