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Illustration of a person multitasking
Starting A Business by Gracie Dahl

Are you interested in working for yourself? Do you have an idea for a creative business?

Our enterprise team can support you with many aspects of setting up and running a successful business or freelance practice.

We provide:

  • Online business resources and events
  • Enterprise one-to-ones
  • Opportunities to showcase and sell your work
  • Funding and awards
  • Guidance on how to protect your intellectual property (IP)

Take a look at the resources on this page or email with your questions or to request a one-to-one.

Support and funding

  • Graduate Entrepreneur Visa
    Image courtesy of UAL
    International Start-up visa

    Want to set up your own business? UAL can help you apply for a Start-up Visa to stay in the UK after graduation.

  • Image courtesy of UAL
    Image courtesy of UAL
    Creative Opportunities Job Fair

    Want to get the skills, knowledge and motivation you need to fulfil your ambitions? Don’t miss our job fairs full of inspiring and empowering talks, workshops, one-to-ones and networking opportunities.

  • A student in a fine art studio
    Mustafa Boga, MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins. Photo Alys Tomlinson.
    Creative Enterprise Awards

    Want to launch or grow your own business? Receive funding and business support through the Creative Enterprise Awards.

  • credit Illustration by Gracie Dahl
    Credit Illustration by Gracie Dahl
    Join our Founders and Freelancers network  

    Work for yourself or want to in the future? Sign up to be part of our Founders and Freelancers group on The Dots!

Business resources

  • Man looking at typographic piece.
    Archive Research by Damilola Ayo-Vaughan. Photo Alys Tomlinson.
    How to be self-employed

    We explain the terminology and things to consider when planning and launching your own business.

  • Daisy Hristova from MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation in front of a rack of magazines and working on a laptop.
    Daisy Hristova studying in the Library © Alys Tomlinson
    How to work as a freelancer

    Read our guidance on how to launch and maintain a successful freelance career.

  • Two people talking at the part time job fair
    Photo by Unai Mateo
    How to pitch

    Read our tips to help you to feel confident and ensure your pitch presentation has impact.

  • Silhouette of somebody speaking into a microphone
    Image courtesy of UAL
    Self-promotion and marketing

    Get advice on self-promotion and marketing yourself as a creative professional.

  • Stationary products
    Selection of products from not just a shop. Photo Yeshen Venema.
    How to price your work

    Read our step-by-step guide to make sure you're charging the right price for your products.

  • Image by Alys Tomlinson
    Image by Alys Tomlinson
    How to manage your IP

    Read our tips and advice on how best to manage and benefit from the value of your intellectual property (IP).

Exhibit and sell your work

  • Photo of the inside of UAL's shop.
    not just a shop. Photo by Damian Griffiths.
    not just a shop

    If you're a student or graduate from UAL you can apply to sell your work in not just a shop through our open calls.

  • Photo of designer Michelle Njeri Small talking to buyers
    Photo of designer Michelle Njeri Small talking to buyers at Top Drawer 2019.
    Top Drawer trade show

    Every year, UAL presents a stand of emerging student and graduate businesses at leading gift trade show, Top Drawer.

  • Exhibition space with white ceramic cups on display.
    Photo by Damian Griffiths
    Exhibitions and trade shows

    Find out how to choose the right opportunities and make the most from being at exhibitions and trade shows.

  • People at an exhibition
    Made In Arts Londone exhibition at Free Range
    Made in Arts London  

    Made in Arts London is the Students' Union's selling platform. Current students can submit work to be considered for sale.

Enterprise events