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Interior shot of premium ensuite room in Glassyard Building


Accommodation Services is available to all UAL students looking for a place to live. You can find information and advice on living in halls of residence or in a privately-rented property.

Halls of residence are available to all students who have been offered a place on a course at UAL.

Students should pick their top five halls of residence when applying. We will try to place you in one of your top five halls, but we cannot guarantee this will be possible. Please make sure you send in your application early to avoid disappointment.

Applications from international students, disabled students and those under the age of 18, will be prioritised. Please notify us of any special requirements you have on your accommodation application.

Foundation year students work on a different timetable to most other courses but they are still free to a book a place in halls.

You can download a copy of the UAL Accommodation Guide for 2018/19 below.

How to Apply to UAL Halls Infographic (PDF 3.4 MB)

To download our Accommodation Offers schedule, please see below:

UAL Accommodation Offer Dates (PDF 50.4 KB)

How do I apply?

Students need to register for an account using their UAL Student ID number and then follow the application instructions.

When can I apply?

  • Current students looking for accommodation this academic year (2017/18) can apply now.
  • Wednesday 28 March 2018: Current students looking to stay in halls or move into halls in their second, third or MA year in September 2018.
  • Thursday 5 April 2018: Students with an unconditional offer firmly accepted (UF), or students who have a conditional offer firmly accepted (CF) starting in September 2018.
  • Wednesday 9 May 2018: Students with a conditional course offer (C) and an unconditional course offer (U), starting in September 2018

When will I hear about my offer?

  • Students applying for a room this academic year (2017/18) should receive their offer approximately 2 days after they apply.
  • Accommodation offers for the 2018/19 academic year will start being sent on Monday 23 May and will continue up to August 2018.

What happens once I have an offer?

  • You have two weeks to accept the offer and make an initial payment of £510 to secure your place in halls - the £510 includes £250 advanced rent, £200 damage deposit and a £60 admin fee.
  • Once you have your offer Accommodation Services cannot change the offer or swap your offer for another hall or type of room.
  • If you change your mind about where you want to live you will have to reject your offer and contact us to be put on a mailing list. This is not recommended as you will not be guaranteed a second accommodation offer.
  • If you receive an accommodation offer from one of our partner halls they will contact you directly.
Halls of residence

Halls of residence

Join the UAL community at one of our halls of residence across London.


Private rented accommodation

We can offer help and advice to all students renting in the private sector, alone or with friends.

Stay with us over the summer

Stay with us over the summer

Join us in halls for inexpensive rooms right in the heart of the capital from June to August.

Living in halls

Living in halls

Find out more about living in halls at UAL; including rent, insurance and contracts.