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In our libraries you can access outstanding collections in art, design, fashion, communication and performing arts. You can also make full use of our study spaces, technology and academic support. There is a library in each of our Colleges with staff who are happy to help you make the most of our resources.

Camberwell Library by Ana Escobar, 2018

Opening hours and locations

Opening hours and locations for University of the Arts London Library Services.

Photo of a man siting at a table in the library using his laptop and reading a book
LCF Library. Image by Ana Escobar , 2013

Library Search

Search the catalogue, find articles, see your account details and find resources on your subject.

Photo of the back of a person wearing a black and white stripy jumper standing in front of a bookshelf
LCF library 2013 by Anna Escobar

Academic Support

Academic support, copyright information and resources for students.

Student with bound journals, CSM Library. Image by Zara Chaudhri, 2013

Support for Research

Access a wide range of support and resources for your research, on campus and online.

Photo of a hand next to a collection of folder papers with phrases printed on them
LCC Library. 'overheard-on-the-underground' Image courtesy of UAL Library Service

Special Collections and Archives

Find information about archives and special collections across the 6 Colleges of the University.

Photo of a woman sitting in between some book shelves reading a book
LCF Library. Image by Ana Escobar 2013

Customer Services

Study areas, self service, printing and copying, library policies.

Photo of someone's feet wearing black shiny shoes with white socks standing among books on the floor
LCF Library. Image by Ana Escobar 2013

Alumni and Visitors

Library access and service information for alumni, non UAL students and members of the public.

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