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Teaching, Learning and Employability Exchange

Enhancing teaching, learning and careers education in partnership with staff and students

We work with academics, technicians, academic support teams and librarians across the UAL colleges.  We ensure everyone involved in teaching, supporting learning and developing careers and employability can access great courses, workshops, resources, funding opportunities and awards.

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Thinking Teaching

A two-day introduction to teaching and learning in the arts, designed for UAL colleagues.

PG Cert in Art Design and Communication


A key qualification for those who teach or support learning in arts higher education.

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HEA Fellowship

Demonstrate a commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education.


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Spark Journal

Research Supervision special edition: call for papers.

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Learning and Teaching Conference 2020

Call for contributions now open.

Christie Berry, ‘The Art of Others’ Mead Award 2018. Photo: Ellie Radford
Christie Berry, ‘The Art of Others’ Mead Award 2018. Photo: Ellie Radford

Mead Fellowships

Final year students and 2019 graduates can apply for up to £10,000 of project funding.