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Professional recognition

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Our teaching qualifications are recognised by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) as part of the accredited University continuing professional development framework.

HEA Fellowship via the PgCert 

Provided you do at least 35 annual hours of HE teaching or learning support* successful completion of the PgCert's Teaching and Learning unit will also gain you Associate Fellowship of the HEA (AFHEA).

On completion of the PgCert, eligible participants will attend a Professional Dialogue meeting to review their coursework and assess their candidacy for Fellowship of the HEA (FHEA). Successful candidates will have FHEA status conferred along with their PgCert.

*HE teaching or learning support includes all kinds of pedagogic work for courses at FHEQ Level 4 or above, or on CPD for academic and/or learning support staff.

HEA Fellowship outside the PgCert  

The Professional Recognition Programme provides colleagues with a route to Fellowship that does not require undertaking academic study. The programme requires an independent and self-managed approach that may be better suited for experienced colleagues and some job roles.

Associate Fellow/Fellow of the HEA

Colleagues intending to apply for Associate Fellow or Fellow of the HEA who are either: relatively new to teaching/support, and/or have limited engagement in professional development in teaching and learning, must complete a ‘Thinking Teaching’ short course.

Senior Fellow of the HEA

Colleagues intending to achieve professional recognition at Senior Fellow of the HEA should review the process and criteria outlined in the Professional Recognition Programme Handbook and supporting documents (see below).

How to apply

Please refer to the Supporting documents below (Programme Handbook PDF, UAL Teaching Excellence Framework and example submissions). Then download and complete the relevant application forms and return them to

The forms below have recently been updated. If you have any questions please email

Application deadline for Fellowship Claims: 25 November 2019 (4pm) and 25 May 2020 (4pm).

Supporting documents

Associate Fellow of the HEA

Fellow of the HEA

Senior Fellow of the HEA

SEDA recognition 

Our research supervision qualifications are accredited by SEDA (Staff and Educational Development Association). Learn more about SEDA's supervising postgraduate research or read about SEDA’s Professional Development Framework.

If you successfully complete the Supervising Research Degrees and Supervision Portfolio units you will achieve SEDA recognition.

You will automatically be considered for these awards after taking these units, and there’s no cost to you for accreditation in this way.