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Certificates and transcripts

Graduate holding a certificate folder and awards programme.

Your degree certificate and transcripts are proof that you completed your studies and shows what you’ve achieved to prospective employers and other officials. We've put together some guidance on how to get your official documents, whether or not you've attended the ceremony.

Names on certificates and transcripts

It’s absolutely crucial that your certificate and transcripts show your full legal name. Future Visa or job applications can be declined if the names on your applications and all of your official documents are not identical.

You may also be charged £50 if your name has to be reprinted after the ceremony.

How does UAL record my name?

  • You would’ve confirmed your full name at enrolment every year and provided your passport when you started the course
  • You would’ve received an invite to register in March, and a confirmation email after you register – your name in these emails is what will be printed on your certificate.

How is my name printed?

  • Names are printed in the UK format i.e First Name; Second names(s); Surname/Family Name.
  • We’re unable to issue certificates or transcripts in the International format – Family name first, then first names
  • If you have any accents or diacritics like ê or ö or ł or ń or ē  in your legal name but you haven’t seen it in any university correspondence, please let us know in the MyGraduation portal. Attach a copy of your birth certificate or passport.
  • If you’ve used a shortened/alternative name while you were at UAL, your certificate must be printed with your legal name.Your legal name will also be printed in the Awards Ceremony programme but your grade will not be listed. If you don't want this to be included let us know when you register.

Collecting your certificate

If you’re attending your graduation ceremony, we aim to have your certificate ready for you to collect after you’ve crossed the stage. However, there may be a delay in getting certificates ready if examination boards confirm results very close to the ceremonies.

If you’re not coming to the ceremony:

  • Let us know on the registration form as soon as possible

You can collect your certificates at 272 High Holborn on these specific days:

Thursday 25 July ONLY – graduates from Chelsea, Camberwell, Wimbledon or London College of Fashion.
Friday 26 July ONLY – graduates from Central Saint Martins of London College of Communication.

You MUST bring your student ID to collect your certificate.

If you’d like a friend or family member to collect it for you, you must send their full name to: (You cannot arrange this over the phone).

They must collect it on the correct day and bring a form of ID with them.

If you achieve your qualification before 1 April 2019:

  • You should have already received your certificate by the time of the Awards Ceremony
  • You’ll receive an Awards Ceremony programme and certificate folder after you’ve crossed the stage

If you achieve your qualification after 1 April 2019:

  • We can’t issue any certificates before the ceremonies.
  • We aim to have them ready for your ceremony or to collect on the dates above.


If you don’t collect your certificate it will be posted to you in August/September.

If you let us know you're not attending the ceremony (via the student portal), you can change your delivery address. Otherwise, we'll post your certificate to your permanent address.

If you don’t receive your certificate by the end of September please contact the Awards Team:

Getting your transcripts

  • If you are a current student, you can download your transcripts via the portal
  • If you completed your course before March 2019, you will have been issued with your transcript along with your certificate.


Certificates are withheld if tuition fees are outstanding. However, you’re expected to clear all debts before you complete your degree, including:

  • fees of any description e.g. tuition, exam/registration, halls of residence
  • library books or fines
  • materials or equipment debts
  • loans from hardship or welfare funds that are unpaid

If you need further advice, please contact the Student Fee Manager for your college:

London College of Fashion:

Central Saint Martins:

Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon College of Arts:

London College of Communication:

Lost certificates

Your certificate is a legal document, and it’s only possible to have one official document so you should take great care of it.

We do recognise that you may lose your original certificate over time so if you need a replacement please contact:

You will be charged for this service so please look after your certificate to avoid this extra cost.

We also don’t advise sending your certificate to any third parties as it could get lost. However, you can ask a solicitor to make a certified copy for job applications and further study should you require it.

Contact us

If you have any questions about Certificates and Transcripts please contact: