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Annual Language-Art Project

"Body" Language: Printed suit and Hanfu by Zhouxuezi Wang (Kitty) (MA Fashion and Innovation Entrepreneurship, London College of Fashion)

A yearly art exhibition by UAL students from across the world, exploring the theme of language.

The Language-Art Project brings students together from across UAL to share and discuss all things linguistic and create language-themed art.

The first Language-Art exhibition was held at Central Saint Martins in December 2019. Moving to an online exhibition has allowed everyone to work together in new ways, exploring a stunningly diverse range of inspirations, interests and expertise.

Exhibition themes for 2022

Browse our selection of galleries to explore the work and the artists.

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  • Lost in Translation by Inca Fry - paired sculptures of plaster, paper, paint and pen.
    Lost in Translation by Inca Fry (Foundation Art and Design - Sculpture, Camberwell College of Arts)
    Meaning and Connotation  

    How do we perceive language? Comprehending a conversation takes more than dictionary definitions.

  • Finding the Connection by Kemi Ajose: textile headpiece
    Finding the Connection by Kemi Ajose (BA Textiles Design, Central Saint Martins)
    Language, Culture, Heritage  

    How do we honour our cultural and linguistic heritage, including things gained or lost?

  • Video still from When the Park is Sick, animation by Zihan Ye.
    Video still from When the Park is Sick, animation by Zihan Ye (MA Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts)
    Language and Visual Storytelling  

    Words and images can take us on a journey. What happens when words are removed?

  • The Opposites Game by Luna Lyu. Wearable sculpture.
    The Opposites Game by Luna Lyu (BA Fashion Jewellery, London College of Fashion)
    Alternative Forms of Language  

    Does language always need words? Where do its limits lie?

Thank you to Hal Warren (CSM: BA Culture, Criticism and Curation) for his invaluable work on the gallery layout.

Get involved

The annual Language-Art Project starts in January / February - leading up to an exhibition in the summer term.

Students can:

  • work collaboratively or solo
  • create work in any medium
  • be based at any UAL College
  • be studying any subject or discipline
  • be Home or International students
  • be studying at UAL at any level
  • be speakers of any number of languages - everyone is welcome.

For more details or if you are interested in joining us next year, please contact Karen Harris: