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Annual Language-Art Project

A book open on a mainly blank page, with Chinese lettering partly visible.
A book open on a mainly blank page, with Chinese lettering partly visible.
Menglu Yuan (Julie), 2023 BA Fine Arts, Central Saint Martins, UAL

A yearly art exhibition by UAL students from across the world, exploring the theme of language.

The Language-Art Project brings students together from across UAL to share and discuss all things linguistic and create language-themed art.

The first Language-Art exhibition was at Central Saint Martins in December 2019. Moving to an online exhibition has allowed everyone to work together in new ways, exploring a diverse range of inspirations, interests and expertise.

In 2023, the Language-Art Project will also be holding a physical exhibition at the Arts SU Gallery Space. This is at the London College of Communication. This is exclusive to only UAL staff and students, and other authorised guests. The SU gallery space at the London College of Communication is located outside the Darkroom Bar.

The exhibition dates are 30 June to 7 July (weekdays only), with a private view on 29 June 2023. You can reserve your private view tickets for the Language-Art Project 2023 on Eventbrite.

For further details, please contact Karen Harris (

Previous Language-Art Project

Exhibition themes for 2023

Browse our selection of galleries to explore the work and the artists.

  • An image of a brick wall with barely legible wording, partly veiled and with abstract swirls.
    Xiaoyu Wang, 2023 MA Fine Art Sculpture, Camberwell College of Arts, UAL

    Language Beyond Words  

    In allowing us to understand one another, words are fallible. What ideas and connections can we glean from art and language beyond words?

  • Cartoon images of human heads floating in the sky, with the two phrases: people mountain, people sea, and Chinese lettering above.
    Mazy Law, 2023 BA Architecture, Central Saint Martins, UAL and Sophie Chen, BA Graphic Design Communication, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL

    Merging, Evolving, Transforming  

    How might art illustrate the ever-changing face of language - and how it develops and adapts across time and place?

  • Scrunched-up collages of people in photographs, with abstracted lettering running along one side.
    Pearl Jacques, 2023 BA Graphic Design Communication, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL

    The Power of a Word  

    The subtle power of a word is crucial to the human experience. What is the effect that words can have on our interpretation of the world?

  • A display showing stylised planets and their movements, with people below and flowers on either side.
    Kexin Lan, 2023 BA Interior Design, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL

    The Stories It Tells  

    Language has a unique power on the way a story is told and illustrated. How might the intersection of language and storytelling explore both melancholy and incredible happiness?

Thank you to our curation team: Hal Warren, Jasmine Rawlinson (both CSM: BA Culture, Criticism and Curation) and Haoyue Chen (Chelsea: MA Curating and Collections) for all their invaluable suggestions and general input.

Get involved

The annual Language-Art Project starts in January or February - leading up to an exhibition in the summer term.

Students can:

  • work collaboratively or solo
  • create work in any medium
  • be based at any UAL College
  • be studying any subject or discipline
  • be Home or International students
  • be studying at UAL at any level
  • be speakers of any number of languages - everyone is welcome.

For more details or if you are interested in joining us next year, please contact Karen Harris: